Good news, everyone! Neuroshima Hex multiplayer update is going to be published in April.

If you are interested in reading some more about it (and about our next game), visit Big Daddy’s Creations website.

  1. Tomasz Z. on Monday 5, 2012

    But how about Android version of Neuroshima Hex?

  2. Schatti_2510 on Tuesday 6, 2012

    Good News indeed

  3. TheGremlyn on Wednesday 7, 2012

    Good News indeed… if it is finally coming to Android too.

  4. Dharzen on Wednesday 7, 2012

    Yup… at the begining of 2011 they said it would arrive on Android by Summer 2011… then for Christmas 2011.
    We are a bit disappointed in this regard.

  5. Łukasz on Wednesday 7, 2012

    Google has to allow Polish develpers to sell apps on their Market.

  6. Arquiteto on Wednesday 7, 2012

    There are other possibilities than Android Market.

  7. TheDukester on Tuesday 13, 2012

    Just ONCE it would be nice to see some comments that aren’t totally monopolized by the incessant whining from the Android drones.

    Seriously: once. But I fear that might be too much to ask.

  8. Hjörvar Ingi on Sunday 18, 2012

    Why is the game not sold in the icelandic apple app store (we have to create a account for the USA store to buy the game)

  9. Łukasz on Sunday 18, 2012

    I wasn’t aware of that, Hjorvar. It will be fixed (if possible) with next update.

  10. Tom on Friday 30, 2012

    Asynchronous multiplayer mode is going to make this excellent game even better !

    Sorry if the question was asked before, but I didn’t manage to find it on the site: are there plans to add others armies (I’m thinking SMART and Vegas) and/or to implement some of the additional mechanismq brought by Babel 13 and Duel extensions of the boardgame (like terrain tiles and chain reaction cards) ?

  11. lokhgard on Thursday 12, 2012
  12. Hjörvar Ingi on Thursday 12, 2012

    If the game will will be sold for Android also, will Android and iOS players be able to play in the same multiplayer game?

  13. bebe on Wednesday 25, 2012

    where now april 25 … tic tac tic tac … developers VS time ! who will be the winner ? :)

  14. Łukasz on Monday 30, 2012

    We’re testing the update. Should be send to Apple in a week or so.

  15. Vomica on Monday 30, 2012

    Łukasz great news, any plans to when the other official armies (S.M.A.R.T, Vegas, Doomsday Machine and Steel Police) will join the current army setup in the game?

  16. Łukasz on Tuesday 1, 2012

    Vomica, we plan to add them this year, after releasing the online multiplayer update.

  17. Vomica on Tuesday 1, 2012

    Łukasz, that’s even greater news, looking forward to it!

  18. Pier on Friday 4, 2012

    Already May and no update… :(

  19. Bum on Friday 4, 2012

    What kinds of notifications will the multiplayer update use? I hope you haven’t gone through GameCenter like Ticket to Ride did. Those notifications really are god awful.

  20. Łukasz on Friday 4, 2012

    Bum, don’t know what you mean. Neuroshima Hex uses (will use) standard push notifications mechanism and IMO they do work fine.

  21. Impatient on Sunday 6, 2012

    Any update on when multiplayer will be released? I can’t wait!

  22. Łukasz on Sunday 6, 2012

    Impatient, we want to test it for one more week and send to Apple after that. Sounds good enough? :)

  23. Slimane on Monday 7, 2012

    why the adjustments necessary to play 3 or 4 player games are not present in the application:
    - Starting the game: Player 1 draws one tile, Player 2 draws two tiles, Player 3 draws three tiles and then each player draws tiles in the standard way (up to three).
    - The Final Battle: If any of the players draws his last tile from the pile, the others complete their own turns as usual, and only then does the Final Battle start.
    - HQ destroyed: If any player loses his HQ, its tile is removed from the board together with all its unit tiles. The player is out.

  24. Łukasz on Monday 7, 2012

    Slimane, all deathmatch adjustements you’ve mentioned are implemented and work. Team match mode is not available.

  25. Slimane on Monday 7, 2012

    thank you for your reply. I’m sorry, you’re right.
    bravo for this great adaptation!

  26. the3rdguest on Monday 7, 2012

    Any news on the Android release?

  27. Łukasz on Monday 7, 2012

    the3rdguest, we’re still testing, so please some more patience – there’s only few of us to do all the work.

  28. Tojot on Friday 11, 2012

    We are showing patience, but then it would be nice to get a discount in return when it’s released. If it happens I promise to buy all extensions. :-)

  29. Łukasz on Friday 11, 2012

    Tojot, it’s a deal :)

  30. Dotai on Thursday 6, 2012

    How is is possible on the Neuroshima Hex Leaderboard for players to have tops scores upwards of a billion points, let alone hundreds of millions.

    This seems broke and leaves me to suspect cheats in the game.

    Time to reset the top 25 scores or more.