Online multiplayer update available! Huge sale to celebrate!

Finally!!! You should now all be able to download newest update of your favorite iOS game! Don’t wait any longer – visit the AppStore and hit update button now!

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    Oh, also take a minute (or exactly 45 seconds) and watch this short teaser we’ve prepared:

    1. TheDukester on Sunday 3, 2012

      But people love to play the actual designer of any game, Lukasz. You are going to experience far fewer instances of quitting than an average user.

    2. Fuzhou on Sunday 3, 2012

      Hi Łukasz

      Thanks for replying. To be honest, I’m getting used to it now after playing for several days, but I still … don’t quite like it.

      I know my words are confusing. It’s for the pace of animations. Comparing with previous 1.3 version, the animation speed of new Neuroshima Hex is changed too much. For example:

      a) When navigating the menu (especially Armies list), the animation is much faster than before, which makes it stiff when comparing with 1.3.

      b) However, the attack animation during the battle phase is slower than 1.3.
      c) The animation tile placing phase is fine, but still a little bit sniffer than 1.3.

      Meanwhile, I also noticed some changes that may be related to network connection. For example, it takes longer time when starts playing Fast Game. Also, the Undo changes is also slower. Though I always expects a slow connection because I’m in China, the long waiting is still a little bit annoying.

      Overall, the game is still great, and I really like a lot of enhanced details during the game (changed initialitive values, connected status of Neo Jungle, etc.). I’m just missing the graphic effect of previous version.

    3. Camron on Monday 4, 2012

      I am getting frequent crashes just before battle starts. Any recomendations?

    4. Chris on Monday 4, 2012

      Dear Lucasz,

      There is only one way to help the game from quitting: to create two things:

      1. ELO type rankings.
      2. Timer per move or for the whole game.

      The game is wonderful but without a strong motivation for players not to quit they wiil simply continue to quit because they do not have motivation not to do it.

    5. Łukasz on Tuesday 5, 2012

      @Fuzhou, some animations were changed slightly, but I guess differences are really small. Undo actually works faster now then before.
      @Camron, online or offline? If online what’s the game called? If you use iPad 1 and iOS 5, kill everything in the background and restart your device.
      @Chris, yes, this was already mentioned several times. We also feel like this two things are missing and we plan to add them. Personally, I don’t think this will help for immature players quiting, but should improve game overal.
      @CaptainDukester :) , they don’t really know they play agains developer. I guess that your particular problem may be you really take your time when doing your moves. Neuroshima Hex is extremely fast game, so on average people make their moves below 30 secs and finish one 2-player game below 15 minutes. Maybe if you let them know you want to play longer in the game’s title, you’ll have less people quiting.

    6. TheDukester on Tuesday 5, 2012

      That’s definitely not it. I play faster than 95 percent of my opponents; it’s ME that’s waiting for THEM.

      No, it’s actually pretty simple: the game has a quitting problem. Some days are better than others, but it’s unmistakably an issue.

    7. TheDukester on Tuesday 5, 2012

      The online game “Quick 3-Way” has been stuck for two days and needs to be killed.

    8. Łukasz on Tuesday 5, 2012

      All games have expiration time currently set to 2 days – if nobody makes a move durring 2 days this game will be destroyed automatically. Why do you say it got stuck?

    9. Tojot on Thursday 7, 2012

      I’m playing right now as Jungle, and my medic didn’t trigger in initiative 3 (but died in 2).

    10. TheDukester on Saturday 9, 2012

      It was stuck because no one could join it, not could the players trapped inside get out of it. So all it did was sit there and clog up the lobby for ALL players.

    11. whulsbergen on Monday 11, 2012

      VERY nice update! The online marketplace could use some upgrading, and a feature of playing locally (See Ticket to Ride) is most welcome.

      But why do I need to repurchase the extra armies? Please fix

    12. Łukasz on Monday 11, 2012

      @ whulsbergen, what do you mean? You can play localy, there’s no problem wtih that. And you don’t need to repruchease anything – just tap the Restore button while in in-app store view.

    13. whulsbergen on Tuesday 12, 2012

      @Lukasz Ah the Restore button worked. Never would have guessed it though.

      With playing local, I mean playing through bluetooth or the local wifi-network. Internet works fine, but I don’t have 3G on my iPad so can’t play against another when away. local wifi is just easier: one starts the session, the other(s) see the session and join in.

    14. Jessica on Sunday 17, 2012

      NH is the best game and a UI all game developpers sulhod pay attention to, among other qualities is the fact most of the interface elements are big enough that seeing and selecting options is seamlessly easy. What worries me about the space Sci-fi (Eclipse i think) UI is the amount of apparently small visual elements and the apparent small size of buttons and selection elements. I would prefer the use of zoom and sliding panels so that what we focus on at a given time is not cluttered, but easy to read and provides easily selected Big buttons. ThanksAnd btw i really look forward to Vegas and Smart factions.

    15. hehe2 on Tuesday 10, 2012


      I’d like to know two things please :

      - Is there a multiplayer version planned to run on android ?

      - are you related in any way with the official creator of the board game (Michał Oracz) ?

      - do you plan to release a fully working version including the two add-ons ?

      - will you improve the AI ? (even at “hard” level, the AI makes some “nonsense” moves…). I admit that must be quite difficult to achieve a really tough AI but I think that would make the game really more entertaining, because at this stage, the AI even if tough ain’t that of an worthy opponent :/ (I’m using the android version)

      - I encountered a “weird” bug when the red base tried to push one of mu units. I have a choice in two directions, and every time I chose the direction I wished my soldier to be pushed to, it crashed. I restarted/resumed the game, the same action was decided by the AI (quite obvious) and up until I chose the other way it crashed. Weirdly once I decided to give up and chose the “wrong” side (at my point of view) it didn’t crash and I could achieve to finish the game…

      Thanks for your answer.


    16. hehe2 on Tuesday 10, 2012

      Well, I noticed these were more than “two things” =)

      Anyway, I’ll add another one to those mentioned : Were you the former developer of the JAVA (nice but ultra buggy and unstable) app that was working about one year ago on any computer using JAVA ?

      I missed it really much even I couldn’t finish most of my games due to a “undo” action 90% crash rate…

      I loved the fact you could chose the timelimit per round (15s/30s/60s/120s/free if I recall…).

      Anyway, I wish the android version will be improved and be provided the multiplayer modes soon !!


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