Neuroshima Hex finally coming to Android

Recently we’ve updated the iOS verison of YMFG (your most favorite game, no, this will never catch on…) – Neuroshima Hex and we were literally burried in comments. Among many words of joy and appreciation (and some ‘Where’s my GC friend list?!?!?)’ were also many ‘What about Android?’ questions. Today we’d like to answer these questions.

And the answer is: Android version is ready! :) We need about a week to test few minor things and will try to publish it on Google Play (formerly known as Android Market) next week. And just to build up your anticipation we’ve prepared a short teaser video you can watch below.

  1. fred on Thursday 31, 2012

    excellent !! thanks a lot ! (now, you can work on caylus ;-) )

  2. fred on Thursday 31, 2012

    dammit ! not you, of course, but bigdaddy :)

  3. Tom on Thursday 31, 2012

    Great news !

    Two quick questions:

    1- will this version require a high end device ? (For instance I have an almost two years old HTC Desire, will it be enough ?)

    2- will we be able to start an online game on an iPad or iPhone, and then resume it on an Android device (and then switch back etc.) ?

  4. Napior on Thursday 31, 2012

    DZIĘKI!!! Wreszcie, marzenia się spełniają.

  5. Łukasz on Thursday 31, 2012

    Tom, we’re tested it on HTC Wild Fire and it was working very slowly, but still working. I don’t if your device is faster or has more RAM.
    Initial version for Android will not have online multiplayer. If it will be upgraded to have online multiplayer in the future depends only on its sales.

  6. Tom on Thursday 31, 2012

    Let’s hope they will be good then. Your game deserves it (for both the original gameplay and your implementation).

  7. Ryan on Thursday 31, 2012

    Thank you so much! I subscribed to your RSS feed, and have been checking back constantly just to hear this news! I’m positively excited :-D

  8. Łukasz on Thursday 31, 2012

    It’s great to see so much happiness and joy about Android version :) If you want to, you can help us spread the word about this by writing on Android game forums, your twitter accounts, facebook walls, etc. The more people will know about it, the better.

  9. Michael on Thursday 31, 2012

    Aaahhhh! It’s coming! I stil can’t wait anymore!

    I’ll buy it! I promise!

  10. ben on Thursday 31, 2012

    Yeeeah, at last !!! It’s been so long waiting for this, I really lost faith in the end.

    Great job guys, can’t wait to play with it !
    Any idea of the price on the Android market ?

    Keep going, and if you need beta testers for Galaxy tab P1000 android 2.2 I’m your man ;)

  11. Dharzen on Friday 1, 2012

    Great great great news!!!
    Finally we got if for our android :)

  12. Rege on Friday 1, 2012

    Ja na bank kupie!

    I’l buy it for sure!

  13. Napior on Saturday 2, 2012

    A ile będzie armii? Rozumiem że 4 podstawowe ale czy neo i new york będą od razu do dokupienia czy później?

  14. Łukasz on Saturday 2, 2012

    Będą 4 podstawowe armie. Jeśli gra się “przyjmie”, to pójdziemy ścieżką wersji na iOS – nowe armie, multiplayer, itd.

  15. Fuzhou on Sunday 3, 2012

    Thanks Łukasz! This is one of the greatest news I got this year!

  16. Kropowe on Wednesday 6, 2012

    What’s the expected release date? I’ve been telling all my fellow gamers about it and I’d like to give them a more specific time frame.

  17. Łukasz on Wednesday 6, 2012

    @Kropowe, we’ll send it for approval next week.

  18. TheGremlyn on Wednesday 6, 2012

    Hooray, finally :D So is next week Monday or Friday?

  19. asiok on Thursday 7, 2012

    No czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam czekam :)

  20. Fendoel on Tuesday 12, 2012

    Any news ?

  21. Michael on Tuesday 12, 2012

    @Fendoel: Relax. They will send it for approval this week. This week ends on sunday. We’ve waited so much time. One week is nothing.

  22. Łukasz on Tuesday 12, 2012

    App will be sent to Google Play tomorrow.

  23. Fendoel on Tuesday 12, 2012


  24. Jacob Pauletter on Wednesday 13, 2012

    Cannot wait for the new armies vegas and smart!!!! Will pay $15 each for them!

  25. Michael on Wednesday 13, 2012

    It’s already there:

    ..and ONLY 2,99$? Are you crazy?

    Thank you very much for releasing it for android!

  26. the3rdguest on Thursday 14, 2012

    Awesome, excellent, fantastic, great, magnificent [add similar words]!
    I am completely blown away.
    Got the game yesterday and had to reload my A1 6 times since then.
    What’s up next???

  27. Łukasz on Thursday 14, 2012

    @the3rdguest, remember to stay hydrated – you’re pushing yourself to the extreme! :)

  28. Mike Cook on Thursday 14, 2012

    Will it be for sale at the the Amazon Kindle Fire android app store? I really hope so because I totally love this game!