Neuroshima Hex finally for Android [Version 1.1 is available]

I’m not going to write too much here, as probably all you want to do is just follow this link to Neuroshima Hex on Google Play 馃檪

If you missed this from other posts, here’s a juicy looking teaser we’ve prepared:

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments how it works on your device!

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56 Responses to Neuroshima Hex finally for Android [Version 1.1 is available]

  1. ScanWolf says:

    Works great on samsung galaxy s2 but when can i play online???

  2. lzwierko says:

    Hi, for all you guys who follow this post, we’ve finally came through with the new armies for Android.
    Check out this post:

    or better, just update to NHex 1.7 and buy the armies directly from within the game!

  3. Cruineebery says:

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  4. thedentist says:

    Lukasz please fix the crash issues on razr maxx so I can enjoy this game. Please 馃檪

  5. Orzi says:

    Hmmm, guys, does anyone here play Neuroshima Hex on HTC Chacha? I’m looking for new phone with Android (One of the main reasons is that I want to have Hex always in my pocket 馃檪 ), and this phone caught my attention. But small screen worries me. How Neuroshima works on Chacha?

  6. thedentist says:

    Oh and I’m using stock ICS.

  7. thedentist says:

    I’m currently using Motorola Razr Maxx. If u read the reviews other devices such as the Galaxy Note are experiencing similar problems. Thank you for the reply though.

  8. 艁ukasz says:

    What device do you use? If it’s iPad 1, random crashes are caused by low RAM on your device. There’s nothing we can do about it – startiing from iOS 5.0 Apple limited the amount of memory available for apps on iPad 1. The best solution is to kill all background tasks and restart your device. This helps for some time (depending on what and how many apps you use).

  9. thedentist says:

    Any news on the fix for the random crashing? seriously guys, if you guys want to see better sales then make better products..

  10. 艁ukasz says:

    Stig, by the end of this year we’d like to add all armies we have done and planned for the iOS version to Android. So x-platform multiplayer will be the first thing we’ll and next year.

  11. Stig says:

    Any news on when to implement cross-platform (andriod vs ios) play?

  12. Boodzik says:


    Kiedy mo偶na si臋 spodziewa膰 androidowych wersji armii z dodatk贸w? 馃檪

    Pozdrawiam 馃檪

  13. gold account says:

    neuroshima hex is one of those games with a pretty long rulebook, explaining things that become second nature after a few plays. There’s a ton of different symbols on each soldier/base hex, that take some time to read through. But all the variations of powers add up to a really fun strategy for just 2 players, but even more fun with 4 (and a lot tougher).Here’s the basics of the game. You start by placing your home base which buffs up pieces adjacent to it with a special power. The special powers depend on what faction you choose. The first player draws 2 tiles and place or play 1. After that, the second and successive player(s) draws 3 and places/plays up to 2. When all tiles are placed or a battle tile is played, you check for soldier tiles for initiative 1 to fire/attack, then 2, and then 3. And play continues if neither player has won, and there are still tiles to draw.I own this game now, a friend of mine introduced me to it, and it’s a lot of fun. Definitely worth the $50 or so.

  14. lzwierko says:

    Hi everybody,
    I know some of you Nexus 7 users have been complaining about display issues eg. HP health not displaying or displaying as a black bar etc. We’ve been informed by Google that this is actually some error in android 4.1 that they fixed in next version, which is supposed to be released soon. Obviously, they wouldn’t give us any dates.
    Anyway knowing the reason of the issue we’ll try to see if we can workaround it somehow, not promising anything though – it’s a bit tricky.

  15. TheGremlyn says:

    I found the setting on my phone, but not on the Galaxy Tab.

    How are sales going in terms f what you guys hoped for? I see the demo has gotten a fair number of downloads and both games have gotten good reviews overall.

  16. lzwierko says:

    @TheGremlyn I think it’s somewhere in the settings / application / development

  17. TheGremlyn says:

    Where is this ‘force GPU usage’ option you are talking about? I see it neither o my Galaxy tab 10.1 nor my Galaxy S variant, ICS running phone.

    On another topic, have sales at least met your hopes and/or expectations so far? The Playstore only gives us ‘between 1000-5000’ and it looks like you had a big spike in downloads a few days ago 馃檪

  18. Axiom says:

    Thanks for finally delivering NH for android. After the update everything runs smoothly. I have had a couple of more crashes when entering home screen from the game and then try to return to the game. It works most of the time.
    The buttons could have been made a bit bigger. Next turn and so on.

    And I got a question as well.

    When are you going to add new armies to the android version?
    New York

    BR Nils

  19. Jankes says:

    Jest super gdyby nie bugi z odwracaniem jednostek kt贸re niestety, przynajmniej mi, momentami uniemo偶liwiaj膮 gr臋. Po wznowieniu jednostki odwracaj膮 si臋 “na p贸艂noc”, poza tym przy przesuwaniu jednostek, czy to ruchomych czy poruszanych 偶etonem, niestety nie da si臋 ustali膰 kierunku – r贸wnie偶 ustawiaj膮 si臋 “na p贸艂noc”.

  20. MarQ says:


    Could you check the functionality of shields? It seems to me that they often (always?) let even low-powered ranged attacks through..

    (Samsung Galaxy S)

  21. MarQ says:

    Thanks a lot for the Android version! The 1.1 update made it playable/awesome.
    Hoping to see all the IOS features also in Android asap..

  22. lzwierko says:

    Hi everybody, I’ve got some news for all ye ICS users. It seems that on some of devices enabling ‘force GPU usage’ option, screws up parts of the graphics (Galaxy Nexus was reported) while on others (Galaxy Tab 10.1) it improves game experience a lot. So, try playing with this setting should you have any problems.
    Cheers – and remember: if you liked it – don’t forget to rate it!

  23. Tom says:

    I’m glad to see this made it to android. Im an iPhone and iPad user but my good buddy has been eagerly awaiting it. I hope cross platform multiplayer will be available someday so he can use his phone and not have to bust out the iPad when taking a dump. 馃檪

    Nice work gentlemen. Seriously. My only complaint is that I NEVER got a twitter message when the multiplayer app was available. The last one I got was the testing one and then the android. I COULD HAVE BEEN PLAYING MULTIPLAYER FOR A MONTH?!?!?! This was the only reason I signed up for twitter! 馃檪

  24. 艁ukasz says:

    Bugfix update is now available. Plese check it out: 馃檪

  25. 艁ukasz says:

    @TheGremlyn, didn’t you read the ‘WARNING! High battery drain due to extreme awesomeness possible’ sign? 馃檪

  26. lzwierko says:

    @艁ukasz: hej, to bardzo ciekawe co piszesz, mo偶esz zrobi膰 jakie艣 screenshoty z sytuacji przed cofni臋ciem ruchu i po? Jakiego telefonu / tabletu u偶ywasz?

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