It’s official – Neuroshima Hex for iPhone is coming soon!

Finally the moment we all have been waiting for has come! Neuroshima Hex for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad will soon be available in the Apple’s App Store!

That’s right, you can now stop pinching yourself. This is not a dream and this information is 100% true. One of the most recognizable Polish games will soon be available for all of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to download from the Apple’s App Store.

The game is almost in the ‘all features ready stage’, we’re still working on some minor glitches and gathering feedback from the users who have seen the game and shared their feelings about it with us.

Our main goal is to create a game that requires none or very little learning from the user, so we want the user interface to be as intuitive, as clear and as ‘iPhonish’ as it may ever get. Make no mistake – this is not an easy task and we have already had to change the UI few times by now, but we’re getting closer and closer to achieving the main goal of our project.

Zoomed in battle

We’re fully aware of the fact that most of the time there’s nobody around to play the game with you. When you’re on a bus, in the subway or just want to kill some time at work you won’t probably be asking people ‘Hey, would you like to play a fast Neuroshima Hex game with me?‘, right? That’s why we’re working hard on adding an AI (artificial intelligence) player that’s always there to play with you. There will be 3 different skill levels available for the AI, so it will be quite easy to win with it at the lowest level, but at the highest it will give you a really hard time.

Battle between 4 players.

Battle between four players.

As you may have noticed already – we’re working on this project in cooperation with Portal Publishing and we wanted to let them share some feelings about it with you. We’ve invited Ignacy Trzewiczek from Portal Publishing to write few words about his impressions on our blog, just to introduce a ‘someone not involved in the technical details’ point of view.

So stay tuned, visit the website and be prepared for more and more info about this amazing game coming soon!

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74 Responses to It’s official – Neuroshima Hex for iPhone is coming soon!

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  16. BAK says:

    This is my FAVORITE app for the iPhone4. When you have added multiplayer this game will be on everyone’s Christmas list. Let’s hope that it is SOON. Best Wishes. 😉

  17. MotorYogurt says:

    Though I will happily pay =) I would just like it sooner 😉

  18. MotorYogurt says:

    Thanks for this guys. Cant wait to play this on the ipad. Love carc on the Ipad, but this is gonna blow it out of the water for me.

    If you end up looking for testers for an HD ipad version.

    me <—— 😉

  19. Łukasz says:

    @Mark, it will get submitted tomorrow. To get the notifications just follow us on twitter – I try to post everything there.

  20. Mark Crane says:

    Can we get on a notification list when this goes live in the App store? Has it been submitted yet?

  21. Łukasz says:

    Almost up, but not up yet 🙂 We’re planning to send the game to Apple at the end of August.

  22. Paul Gallaway says:

    Very looking forward to this. You have a guaranteed sale here. Any news on when this will be released? July / August 2010 are almost up.

  23. Łukasz says:

    Thank you guys for your answers, we’ll also consider using Plus+.

    @Richard, don’t worry, we know that 🙂

  24. Richard M. Low says:

    One thing to note….if you keep making changes in the middle of an App release, it will never come out!! Perhaps, it is best to release the product, see how it works, and then make necessary changes in future updates!!

  25. Crow says:

    Agreed plus+ works way better than openfeint,plus+ is faster, easier, looks more professional, it is awesome cause we get a actual user name instead of numbers..which is very lame. And it doesnt ruin the icon of the game when its on you homescreen and i know some people really hate the openfeint icon i bet pho and dragon does hate it too its just plain ugly. You guys should take a look at plus+ and openfeint and compare it. I hope this will make you look at things differntly but you guys are professionals im pretty sure you guys know what your doing. I cant wait to buy this game!!

  26. Dragoncool says:

    Openfeint has user numbers.sometimes it slows down the game as for plus+ it seems more better if you guys look and compare it between openfeint theres actully players names instead of annoying users number,i think thats thats what pho is trying to say i kinda agree but either way your guys are almost done with the game its just seems better with plus+ i agree with pho. Anyways i cant wait to purchase your game i am very excited! Keep up the good work!

  27. Łukasz says:

    We’re planning to release the game in the second half of August. Why should we use Plus+?

  28. Pho says:

    You guys should partner with Plus+ instead of openfeint.

    When is the game coming out i cant wait any longer im so excited!

  29. Łukasz says:

    Sure we will. Five to ten minutes after it gets submited the world will know 🙂

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