Neuroshima Hex 2.1 (iOS) available – sale started (All)

New version of Neuroshima Hex is now available. The biggest change in this version is added support for GameCenter friends and many other multiplayer enhancements.

Many of you asked for better GameCenter integration with our multiplayer platform. We answered this request and added a new way to invite your friends to private games. All you need to do is log in, create a game, set it to private and tap the GC hex button. A list of your GC friends who also registered for Neuroshima Hex will appear and you’ll be just few taps away from starting a game with one of them.

Another great thing that happened is IGN created a list of 10 best iOS board games. And what’s event more awesome about it is Neuroshima Hex is the second best game according to this list :) So what’s better then Neuroshima Hex you ask? The answer is – our other game – Caylus :) To celebrate this great review of our games made by on of the biggest gaming sites in the whole wide world we came up with and idea of… starting a sale :)

  • Neuroshima Hex $2.99 (normally $4.99)
    • New York army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • Neojungle army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
  • Neuroshima Hex for Android $0.99 (normally $2.99)
  • Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle $0.99 (normally $2.99)
  • Army of Frogs HD – !!! FREE !!! (normally $2.99)
  • Caylus $2.99 (normally $4.99) (www)
  • It’s a lucky $13 total to save – a no brainer :)

    1. g3p on Wednesday 20, 2012

      congratz on winning the 1st 2 spots!
      i would rank NH over caylus anytime.. but both are good games =D

    2. Łukasz on Wednesday 20, 2012

      Thanks g3p. These two games are so totally different it’s hard to judge which one is better IMO.

    3. Pier on Wednesday 20, 2012


      When are we getting new armies? :D

    4. Łukasz on Wednesday 20, 2012

      Pier, for iOS – in one month max.

    5. Ananab TIlps on Wednesday 20, 2012

      Thank you for the Game Center support! I run an online league, and this support has already triggered a few purchases, and that’s just my own friends. I hope you are richly rewarded.

    6. Ananab Tilps on Friday 22, 2012

      Not sure if I’ve seen anything in these threads about why there is a five game limit. Server capacity? Sure would be great if I didn’t have to turn down so many of my invites.

    7. Ananab Tilps on Friday 22, 2012

      p.s. I have seen mention of this before: that it’s apparently impossible to check your ongoing games to see if it’s your turn, unless you open every game individually. Any plans to address this? In Ascension, for example, your player name appears in a different color if it’s your turn.

    8. Łukasz on Monday 25, 2012

      @Ananab Tilps, yes, limit is caused by limited server capacity. And yes, we’re working on marking your ongoing game which are waiting for your move.

    9. Ananab Tilps on Monday 25, 2012

      Thanks for the reply!

      And one of my opponents just chatted, “Crap, they need Undo really bad.” :)

    10. TheDukester on Wednesday 4, 2012

      Games need to disappear if you have no intention of joining them. I was invited to a 4-player game I’m not interested in, and now it won’t go away. It keeps waiting for me to join. If I press “resign” or whatever, that game needs to go away. Instead, it just sits at the top of my list.

    11. Łukasz on Wednesday 4, 2012

      Good point, Duke. We’ll have that sorted out.

    12. g3p on Friday 6, 2012


      it’s july 6th now!
      about your post on june 20th, the new army should be out in 2weeks! =p

      is this still on schedule? =D

    13. NHX on Monday 9, 2012

      Hey guys!

      Some news on the new armies?
      It’s not our fault that NH is so addictive :)

      Oh, and will NH Puzzles be updated as well?
      If you are thinking about that, please be fair and just add
      a Restore button to not let us buy the armies from NH twice…

      Thanks anyway for the still top board game on my iPad!

    14. Łukasz on Monday 9, 2012

      g3p, NHX – new armies are ready. We just needed to test few more scenarios and fix some minor bugs. New update will be sent for approval probably in 2 days. If Apple does its thing quick enough, new armies will be available next week. How cool is that, huh? :)

    15. Łukasz on Monday 9, 2012

      On, NHX, about NSHEx: Puzzle. The thing is we can’t just transfer the purchases from one app to another – it’s not something Apple supports. But we’re thinking about adding ‘puzzle mode’ to NSHex, but this is still far from being implemented.

    16. Ananab Tilps on Wednesday 11, 2012

      Someone from a league I run wrote: “Argh this terrible multiplayer integration makes me not want to play this game. The notifications are broken and I don’t even get a clear indication that any games are ready for my turn.”

      Will some indication of whose turn it is (when viewing your list of games-in-progress) be part of the update? Thanks..

    17. Ananab Tilps on Wednesday 11, 2012

      p.s. I see above that you said you were working on a “whose turn is it” fix, so I’m simply asking if it will be part of the update, just so I can uplift the troops. :)

    18. NHX on Thursday 12, 2012

      Lukasz, that IS cool, sir :)

      Keep on the good work!
      I really appreciate every single update, even if there are some hickups, there will always :)

      The only thing I don’t like are in-app-purchases…
      It is o.k. to pay for great stuff, but not this way.
      Even if we have been clever & backuped the installation file,
      we won’t be able to unlock the armies in case the app is not
      available on the appstore for whatever reason.

      I think there is not other solution right now,
      except including them for free or releasing
      a premium all-inclusive NH edition…

      It just feels not right…
      imagine buying a new car, that you just can’t drive anymore,
      when the dealer or the car company close down…
      That’s in-app-buy.

      Thanks again for your effort & maybe wasting some thoughts on in-app-buy alternatives :)

    19. TheDukester on Thursday 12, 2012

      I can’t believe the new armies are so close to happening. That is great news.

    20. Łukasz on Thursday 12, 2012

      Update – we’ve sent new update for approval today.

    21. Łukasz on Thursday 12, 2012

      NHX, I understand your concerns but no need to worry – we’re not planning to stop doing what we’re doing anytime soon :)

    22. g3p on Thursday 12, 2012

      @NHX / @Łukasz,

      i thought those IAP are permanent.. they aren’t?!

      i mean, if i bought them on my ipad, i should be able to use them on my iphone without paying again, right?!

      i have not tried it myself, but if it is permanent, when you are about to repurchase them again, itunes should have known that you have purchased them before, and wouldn’t be asked to pay again..

      is that not the case? =O

    23. g3p on Thursday 12, 2012


      that’s a great news! new armies are coming! more fun playing!

      what armies do we get? any pricing info? any sales going on this time?! /wink wink/

      what other features are included in the update?
      i hope the timer (on multiplayer) is included in this update.. /cross finger/

    24. Łukasz on Friday 13, 2012

      @g3p, new armies are Vegas and Smart. First one has unique ability to take over enemy units and make them fight for you. The other one can reposition its units next to its HQ, which makes it extremely agile. It also has Terror instatn tile which, when played, does not allow to play board tiles for whole next round for your opponents. Both armies are really something fresh, so you should have a lotof fun playing them.

    25. NHX on Friday 13, 2012


      When then app is not found on the AppStore anymore,
      you can’t unlock In-App-Purchases after a re-installation for example.

      Normally this happens, when a company/developer is out of business,
      the app is bought by another developer, they just changed name and
      company to sell it twice or the Store can’t be reached.
      It is like having a nice boardgame you want to play in let’s say 2 years from now.
      You wouldn’t be concerned if it is still sold then, right? You already have it.
      But when it comes to In-App-Buys, well… you should.

      And it happened to me 2 times already.

    26. Amateurist on Friday 13, 2012

      Great news about the update. Are there plans to release Dancer and Doomsday Machine eventually (basically, all the official armies)?

      One other request is for online games to not be deleted after a few days of inactivity. I’ve had a hard time completing games with more than one friend because of this and push notifications still being spotty. At the very least a notification about an imminent game deletion would be cool.

    27. Łukasz on Friday 13, 2012

      Amateurist, sending a notification about an imminent game deletion is a really great idea. We’ll think about implementing that.

    28. g3p on Friday 13, 2012


      that’s awesome! so the next armies is from duel expansion!
      definitely insta-buy =D


      ahh, thanks for explaining what you meant in detail.
      i would hope big daddy’s won’t run out of business!
      that’s why i got some people in my circle bought the game too!
      although most of them only buy them when it was on sale ._.;;
      but we like the game so far.

      i’m sorry to hear that it happened to you twice..
      i’ve never had such problem so far..
      if i may know, what are those 2 apps you were having problem with?


      afaik, dancer faction was unofficial..
      has it become official now?!

      if anything, the next pair of armies would be: steel police.. and doomsday machine?
      although i can see ddm won’t be easy to implement.. ^^;

    29. TheDukester on Friday 13, 2012

      @NHX: your paranoia on this subject is a bit over-the-top. I’ve been using the App Store since the day it debuted, I’ve bought more than 400 apps, and the scenario you describe has not happened even once.

    30. Łukasz on Friday 13, 2012

      Come on guys, if we go out of business, you would only worry about not having IAPs available? :) I think I’m gonna cry just because of that :)

      @Amateurist, answering theother part of your question. Dancer and Doomsday Machine are just ridiculously complicated – to play and to implement, so we won’t do these two anytime soon. Next one coming is the Steel Police.

    31. Orzi on Monday 16, 2012

      @g3p: Yes, The Dancer is official now (with few, but important changes)

    32. Paweł on Wednesday 18, 2012

      What is the status of the new update?
      Did You sent the update for approval?

    33. Robert on Tuesday 24, 2012

      I’m in single player on the iPhone and steel boxer attached only to HQ is doing +1 damage.

    34. Louiedammit on Tuesday 31, 2012

      NH leaderboards have definitely been cracked.

    35. Otso on Wednesday 8, 2012

      Is there cross platform asynch mulltiplayer available with this game? So Android and Ipad can play together online?

    36. Łukasz on Wednesday 8, 2012

      @Otso, not yet, but will be in the future.