Neuroshima Hex v2.2 (iOS) with two new armies available and cheaper

After only a month from the previous one new Neuroshima Hex update is available! And it’s not another bugfix update – it’s two-new-awesome-armies update!

Those of you familiar with original board game will easily guess that these new armies come from official Duel expansion. Those who haven’t played Duel will be stoned by what these new armies can do on the board and should watch our teaser right now!

Ever had problems winning agains Borgo? Try playing against them with Vegas. Those guys don’t have to be afraid of Borgo’s Net Fighters, because Vegas’ Agitators can make them fight for Vegas! And if your problem was units in NSHex being not mobile enough try playing with Smart – all its units adjacent to HQ can be repositioned as they would have Mobility! Apart from that Smart may use special Terror instant tile which prevents other players from deploying new units giving Smart player a huge advantage of filling up the board with their units.

Another awesome thing is (like if two new armies are not awesome enough…) we start a sale to let all of you get the new armies 50% cheaper!

  • Neuroshima Hex $2.99 (normally $4.99)
    • New York army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • Neojungle army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • new Smart army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • new Vegas army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
  • Neuroshima Hex for Android $0.99 (normally $2.99)
  • Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle $0.99 (normally $2.99)
  • Army of Frogs HD – !!! FREE !!! (normally $2.99)
  • Caylus $2.99 (normally $4.99) (www)
  • Getting all our games now saves you a total $15 – it’s like we’re giving you money :)

    And one more but equally important thing, at least for some of you. Our other game – Caylus – was also updated today with few awesome features (like GC online integration, fixed AI, etc.), so if you’re a Caylus player, head over to official Caylus website for more info.

    1. James Cunningham on Sunday 5, 2012

      Łukasz, since you’re being far more accommodating here than any of us has any right, I’m going to push my luck and repeat a question I had earlier: do you guys have any plans ever to implement the additional mechanics that accompany the physical expansions? Not asking for a release date or anything, just wondering if it’s even in the cards.

      You guys have done fine work! Every update improves the game. Kudos.

    2. Łukasz on Sunday 5, 2012

      James, what’s currently in the cards are new armies and adding few missing features like online rankings and undo. I’m not saying we will never add things like Duel map or terrains, but as for the nearest future we plan to mostly fix bugs and add new armies. We also plan to add a new game mode, but that’s next year.

    3. TheDukester on Sunday 5, 2012


      There’s no kind way to say this, so I’ll just say it: you don’t know the game very well.

      The armies are pretty finely balanced, and each has its strengths/weaknesses that sometimes aren’t immediately apparent.

      Like others, I decided to play a Moloch/Vegas game just to see if I could spot some of the things you’re talking about. And, sorry, but you’re simply way off-base here. I dominated the medium AI. I gave up two hit points on the first full turn, then never lost a point after that. Final score: Vegas 18, Moloch 8. It wasn’t even that close.

      Final screenshot available here:

    4. James Cunningham on Sunday 5, 2012

      Thank you, Łukasz! I appreciate the response.

    5. Li Bai on Wednesday 8, 2012

      Excited for steel police! Dancer soon to follow? Or is that pretty far off?

    6. LilPotata on Wednesday 8, 2012

      I am finding that when combat is fast-forwarded, both online and against AI, sometimes my damage to the enemy base is missed. Will this be fixed soon?

    7. g3p on Wednesday 8, 2012

      @Li Bai,

      Łukasz had mentioned this in the previous thread (v2.1 update).

      take a look at here
      scroll down to the last comment by Łukasz himself.

      short answer: it won’t be anytime soon.

      i’m just guessing, but after the steel police is out, there might be no content update anymore..
      aside from bug fixes, smoother multiplayer experience (includes undo button)..
      i mean, if you exclude dancer and dmm, there isn’t anything else left to be ported over, other than a couple of promo tiles ever released up to date.

    8. Łukasz on Wednesday 8, 2012

      @LilPotata, with or without animation – it’s the same logic, so there’s no difference in units attacking or not.
      @g3p, have no fear! :) Guys from Protal are working on additional armies which will be available as an expansion for the original board game and IAP as well. As for the Dancer, it kind of changes a lot and is more of an experiment than a real army, so we’re still unsure if we’re going to add it. But new armies will come after Steel Police, I promise :)

    9. g3p on Thursday 9, 2012


      why there is no ‘like’ in here?!
      i would like to ‘like’ your last post! 8D

      btw, my question early on this thread hasn’t been answered yet..
      i play NH on my ipad.. a couple of my friends only have android device..
      can we play online together?!

    10. Łukasz on Thursday 9, 2012

      @g3p, sorry, I’m sure I mentioned that couple of times – there’s no online mode for Android yet, but once we add it, it will be cross-platform with iOS (and possibly others)

    11. Player1 on Friday 10, 2012

      I want to be clear and point out that I’m not saying it’s impossible to win as Vegas against the Moloch AI. I do win some games, but that doesn’t mean there are no flaws. I also note that, with the exception of Smart, which I haven’t used enough to form a strong opinion about, the other armies do OK vs. Moloch to a greater or lesser degree.

      If you look at the unit breakdown between Moloch and Vegas it is unbalanced, IMO. (But that’s also the main reason I keep playing Vegas–Moloch is the stiffest challenge.) Count not just unit types but their unaided abilities as well. Moloch has 11 offensive units (meaning a unit that can shoot and which stays on the board). Vegas has 3.

      And this is not to mention the wealth of special tiles available to Moloch that increase damage, absorb damage (total overkill for a side that already has 6 (!) units with built in extra HP) and push units away.

      Moloch armored units: 3
      Vegas armored units: 1

      Moloch armored + offensive: 3
      Vegas: 0

      Moloch armored + offensive + multidirectional attack (e.g. Guard): 3
      Vegas: 0

      Moloch armored + extra HP (hit point): 2
      Vegas: 1

      Moloch extra HP: 6
      Vegas: 1

      Moloch offensive + multidirectional + extra HP: 3
      Vegas: 0

      Moloch offensive + extra HP: 5
      Vegas: 0

      Moloch offensive + double initiative (e.g. Stormtrooper): 1
      Vegas: 0

      Moloch offensive + 2 attacks (e.g. Ripper): 2
      Vegas: 1

      Moloch multidirectional: 7
      Vegas: 1

      Moloch ranged: 7
      Vegas: 2

      Vegas is horribly outclassed on every front. But I’ll guess some people are saying the Vegas Infiltrator is the great equalizer. Could be until you see that Vegas gets just 3 of these. Also remember that to neutralize the Infiltrator you just attack the Infiltrator, which has no inherent defence. Moloch has 7 units that can attack in two directions. It can also attack at range (7 units) and not expose itself to counterattack–combined with instant action tiles, it’s a huge advantage. Moloch can attack without being anywhere near the target. And again it has a whopping 7 out of 11 units that can do this.

      Or you might say the move and castle tiles are an equalizer. It’s a toss up because to use these or the Infiltrator forces you to leave the previously captured tiles back in enemy hands. Or you’ll just be in the sights of other ranged/melee, multidirectional units.

      As I see it, the unit mixup for Vegas could use adjusting. Maybe give Vegas 5 infiltrators instead of 3, reduce the instant actions from 5 to 3 and increase the number of move tiles from 3 to 4. Also, the Mercenary should be armored–it has virtually no ability to actually get a shot off. In fact, a couple more units could use either armor or an extra HP.

    12. Łukasz on Saturday 11, 2012

      @Player1, I think you just made the longest comment ever to appear on this website :) But still, you’re wrong. Vegas is tricky, but it’s one of the best armies to win with factions as Moloch, that can easily hide in the corner. By using Vegas’ Anitators correctly you can take over 4 Moloch units at a time – this gives you a huge advantage over your opponent as it not only add more units to your army, but leaves your opponent without his units.
      And please belive me – Vegas was extensively tested before being published and you are the only guy seeing this lack of balance. Maybe try playing Moloch vs Vegas AI (on hard) and see if you win like 90% of times.

    13. g3p on Saturday 11, 2012


      all i can say is to play online, use moloch, fight vegas..
      if moloch is so imba, you should be able to win at least 7 out of 10 different games.

      vegas’ agitators are no joke.
      you should realize that each of the agitator can be any of the moloch army.
      you should realize that when agitator takes over an army, 2 things actually happened: 1. you just got yourself a ‘new’ army, 2. you just ‘killed’ / neutralized that army without even going to battle phase.

      you complained there are only 3 of these..
      let’s do a little bit of math then..
      there are a total of 19 hexes.. minus 2 for HQ..
      put 3 agitators in, each taking over an enemy.. 6 out of 17 playable hexes are YOURS. you are 3 turns ahead!
      let’s put 5 of these.. 10 out of 17 hexes are yours..

      vegas’ play style relies heavily on agitators and protecting them.
      their armies are just there for supports. they are not your main source of attack.
      it is your responsibility not to get any of your agitators killed.
      protect them just like you’d protect your HQ.
      use all your move, rotation, castling to secure your agitators (not only your HQ).
      if you haven’t learned, do not put your agitator close to each other.
      if you do, you are bound to eat moloch’s air strike.

    14. Amateurist on Saturday 11, 2012

      While I’m here, I just wanted to make another humble plug for Doomsday Machine, eventually … it just looks so cool, and it’s an official army!

      :) ?

    15. Łukasz on Saturday 11, 2012

      @Amateurist, it does look cool, but I think it may be even more confusing for many players than Vagas, so less exotic armies first, then DDM and others.

    16. Amateurist on Saturday 11, 2012

      Sounds good to me! I’m psyched for Steel Police and whatever’s next. (Slavers?)

    17. TheDukester on Saturday 11, 2012

      @Player1 — you should probably just stop now, bro.

      N. Hex can’t be broken down with mathematical analysis. It’s all about board position and initiative.

    18. Player1 on Sunday 12, 2012

      Lukasz, I won’t belabor the point any further because the disagreement will just go on forever in circles. But I do want to point out that play testing is no guarantee of proper balance. Consider other video games like Starcraft or Diablo which have tens of thousands of hours of play testing thrown at them and they continue to be rebalanced, continually and often years later. In fact, I’d be surprised to hear that Neuroshima has never had post-release balance changes made. It’s just a fact of life, not a mark against anyone. I’ll keep playing though because it’s a good, addictive game and Vegas is still quite enjoyable to play.

    19. g3p on Monday 13, 2012


      “I’ll keep playing though because it’s a good, addictive game and Vegas is still quite enjoyable to play.”

      ^_^ b

    20. TheDukester on Tuesday 14, 2012

      Player1, please invite me to many, many online matches. I could use the wins.

    21. Dustin on Thursday 16, 2012

      First off I wanna say this is the best darn tootin game made for the iOS , possibly best game made ever!!!

      The amount of depth in the game and polish on the IPhone is simple unmatched

      So from the bottom of my heart thank you

      Now at the risk of sounding like a forum complainer
      The ONLY thing I would change in terms of balance is the neojungle army
      More persicly the “roots” tiles
      I think they should be able to “grow over” any tile on the board
      As it stands now there almost always just auto discard
      And the ONLY out a neojungle player has to getting boxed in early is to draw the bomb
      Having the roots grow over any peace would solve both problems

      Now I’m sure thell never make the change
      But just had to say my peace
      Cuz I don’t think anyone who has played ALOT of neohex like I have would disagree once they heard it

    22. Łukasz on Thursday 16, 2012

      Dustin, thanks for you opinion. It’s always great to read somebody loves playing Neuroshima Hex :)
      But you’re right, we won’t make such change. The reason is all armies are pretty well balanced – the tricks is to use the tiles you have right :0 Roots are often discarded, but sometimes they may be usefull to extend the Motherland. Just try experimenting with them :)

    23. Dustin on Thursday 16, 2012

      There is a nice balance forsure

      But the “box in” can happen often not so much vs ai
      But vs smart humans (or zombies) lol you meet online

      It’s even worse in multiplayer (for odvious reasons)

      And if the motherland can’t grow, well it’s pretty much game over

      Having one out is kinda rough

      But I am willing to accept that’s just how it is

      There just seems to be a lac of depth in roots
      They don’t add to board control at all
      So to give up a peace that DOES and ofcoarse add to the motherland itself
      (since it is still your peace) well let’s just say it’s an easy choose to make

      The “growover” would be be able to do something a normal peace could not
      Extend the motherland no matter what!
      Definitely worth a second look
      And I don’t think would be OP (neojungles lac of a single ranged unit is huge )
      Anyway thanks for listening to my 2cents
      ……. I know there’s alot of people out there
      So you can’t listen to every Joe, bill and Tommy out there
      Awsome game, once again, hands down

    24. g3p on Friday 17, 2012


      is there any plan to implement cloud for NH puzzle?
      i had finished 80% of the puzzles long time ago.
      when i reinstalled the game, i lost my progress..
      gamecenter achievement was properly stored though.

      also, is there any plan to propagate enhancement done on NH to NH puzzle?
      for example, if a tile is connected with a scout, its initiative is shown right away.
      this enhancement is in NH right now, but not in NH puzzle.

    25. Łukasz on Friday 17, 2012

      @g3p, Neuroshima Hex Puzzle still uses our old, no longer maintained engine, so we’re not going to change it unless it will be really necessary.

    26. Gator on Sunday 19, 2012

      Love the game.

      Request: for multiplayer online, chess clock like move timers would be great. (that is– each player gets 5 minutes (or whatever) total for all moves in a game

    27. dustin on Thursday 23, 2012

      ya, a clock or something maybe needed if people wanna be jerks.

      The fact this game is now online is awsome…but i never see a ton of people online, which is a shame.

      ussally just easyer to start a game fighting the AI

      but thats cool, cuz i gotta say the AI in this game is off the hook. feals like im fighting a real player 9 times outta 10

      I just read online about *the dancer* army…..seems like such a crazy cool idea……really hoping to see them in the next expansion.

      Thanks for all the work once agian.

      simply amazing game.

    28. Ananab Tilps on Friday 24, 2012

      I would give my left nut for a way to see whose turn it is when I’m looking at the list of games I am in. Maybe both nuts. I’d far rather have this feature than new armies, because most of my games just sit there because no one feels like popping into each of their games to see if it’s their turn yet.

    29. Dustin on Saturday 25, 2012

      Lucaz, I know you guys are kinda on the fence about bringing Dancer to the iOS

      And I can understand why… I mean it’s crazy

      I just wanted to say I really hope you do… Sometimes we all need a little bit of crazy

      If there’s two things I like it’s strange original ideas and neuroshima hex

      And combine those two things and well you got Dancer

      I’ve never played them at all, the iOS is my only way to play the game
      Just read the rule book.

      Seems like they would be Over powered, but here’s the thing
      Since you guys have done such a amazing job at balancing all the armies I know that dancer probably is another Balenced Army! (I’ll be it a crazy one)

      In other words I really want to find out why my initial thought is wrong

      I really want to play (both with and agaist) all the crazynes that is Dancer
      Is there anyplace on the net to play???

      I live in a small town in japan so the board game not so much an option :(

    30. Erick on Tuesday 28, 2012

      Greetings! I got this game two days ago, and all I can say: it’s amazing, me loving board strategy games… I really like it a lot, great job.. to explain this better, I can say that I Never do in-app purchases, and after one hour playing this I bought the smart expansion :P i think its way harder to play than the free ones, and harder to win, but it’s more my “style” and I love it.

      i’d like to meet serious and fun people to play with (no leavers, only guys playing for fun), if you want, add me in gamecenter, my ID being: elfdps

      Great job developers!

      Excuse my bad english, im from México.

    31. Attica on Wednesday 29, 2012

      What is the best strategy for playing as Vegas against the Outpost AI on HARD? I’m finding it nearly impossible to win at the moment.

    32. Łukasz on Wednesday 29, 2012

      Attica, I also find it hard to win against The Outpost. I think my mistake is trying to hide in the corner, which works against all other armies.

    33. Rege on Wednesday 29, 2012

      @ Attica

      Vegas vs Outpust? Full attack mode. Don’t waste any move, don’t be afraid to lose control of a unit if you can move for a better position/unit. Guys with shields are good. If you can play a battle where you hit for more than Outpost hits you I tend to go for it, since Outpust is so good in runing away. It is a fairly even match up in my opinion.

    34. Attica on Thursday 30, 2012

      Rege, easier said than done. Outpost gets seven move tiles. Vegas gets three. It’s difficult to even get a shot off on the Outpost HQ. I’m thinking medium difficulty might be the only answer here.

      What about Neojungle vs Vegas hard AI? Without any ranged units for Neojungle, this is another head scratcher for me, although I’ve only just started playing this matchup. Best tactics?

    35. Dustin on Thursday 30, 2012

      Beating Vegas with NJ is not to bad, done it alot

      Overall plan is

      A)Take the middle square with HQ

      B) Don’t put anything that can hit you or nets beside your base

      Fill those up with you mods

    36. Blasev on Saturday 1, 2012

      Does anyone else having castling bug?
      When I fight AI, it can castle not only its troop but also opponent troops (my troops)
      On manual explanation, castling are only aplicable on our own troops right?

    37. Łukasz on Saturday 1, 2012

      Blasev, could you provide a screen shot of this bug?

    38. Blasev on Saturday 1, 2012

      Ok I’ll try to remake and screen shot it

    39. g3p on Sunday 2, 2012


      are you sure it is not the case of vegas’ agitator taking over your troop?
      because if that was the case, that troop is no longer your troop, thus castling can be done..

    40. Jax on Thursday 13, 2012

      So when can we expect this new update on the android?

    41. Łukasz on Thursday 13, 2012

      Soon :) We’re still testing IAPs. Hopefully everything will be ready for release next week.

    42. Ananab Tilps on Wednesday 19, 2012

      Just wanted to share this post from our Neuroshima Hex league:

      “Dumb question, but is there any way, on the internet games list to tell which games are waiting for your input and which games are waiting on someone else?”

      This is the 5th or 6th time this has been asked, so I’m wondering if this will ever be a feature. In Ascension, it’s handled by turning your name green when it’s your turn. In Summoner Wars, it’s handled exactly the same way. Works really well, and I can’t imagine it would take a lot of effort to do.

    43. Jay Gittings on Wednesday 19, 2012

      Yeah, let me second that request to modify the internet games list to distinguish between games waiting for your input and those waiting on another player. This would be huge usability increase to the management of multiple ongoing internet games. Thanks for a great product. Keep up the good work.

    44. Łukasz on Wednesday 19, 2012

      Ananab & Jay, we hear you. This is one of the most frequently asked requests and will be added at some point for sure.