Steel Police army available for iOS, Neojungle and New York armies added to Android version

We made you wait a little bit longer this time, but we did have a reason to do so. Additionally to iOS update, which brings the awesome Steel Police troops to already crowded Neuroshima Hex world, we wanted to prepare an update for Android and let our Android fans enjoy playing new armies as well – in this case Neojungle and New York.

Here’s a short teaser/trailer for the iOS update (Android fans, you can check out our YouTube channel for Neojungle and New York teaser!)

As you’ve probably suspected we’re starting a sale because of this updates!

  • Neuroshima Hex $2.99 (normally $4.99)
    • new The Bundle of Five Armies $3.99 (normally $7.99)
    • new Steel Police $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • New York army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • Neojungle army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • Smart army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • Vegas army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
  • Neuroshima Hex for Android $0.99 (normally $2.99)
    • new New York army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • new Neojungle army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
  • Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle $0.99 (normally $2.99)
  • Army of Frogs HD – !!! FREE !!! (normally $2.99)
  • Caylus $2.99 (normally $4.99) (www)
  • Problems doing the math? Here’s a quick breakdown – you can save up to $6 on Neuroshima Hex for iOS and up to $4 on Neuroshima Hex for Android – that’s basically saving enough to buy another game for your device! Also if you don’t own our other iOS games and would like to try them, now is the right time as you’ll be saving additional $7!

    So what exactly are you still doing here?

    1. Luke on Monday 22, 2012

      I too would love a pc/mac version. Twould be awesome!

    2. lzwierko on Monday 22, 2012

      @Sean Glickman, so I’m guessing that it was you who posted crash report on the 19th with the comment “I get force close when trying to buy a new army!” ??? Because this is the only single case of anybody reporting an issue with buying an army… What’s more – the submitted crash report clearly shows that the issue is in some android internals… So unfortunately we really can’t help you on this one, as it’s not the NHex that has a problem but Google Play software on your device. Did you try the basic reboot / reset stuff?

    3. Sean on Monday 22, 2012


      Yup that was my comment, I hope it wasn’t public, that was not my intention.

      Ahhh I hadn’t realized it was an issue with Google Play! I recently uninstalled the updates to make up more room on my phone, which is indeed pretty old.

      I updated to the newer version of google play and it works!

      Looks like I missed the one dollar deal though :/ Anything we could do? I’d like to buy both armies.

    4. Chris on Monday 22, 2012

      Crud – looks like I missed the sale. I really enjoy the lite version but looks like I’ll have to wait until the next sale to buy the game and armies. Drat.

    5. PaulG on Wednesday 24, 2012

      A million thanks for Steel Police. Been playing NH none stop since getting it in Feb.

      However, since updating and getting Steel Police, I’ve been getting a bug when playing asynchronous games online on my 1st gen iPad. 3 times now I was forced to resign a game because I wasn’t able to do anything during my turn. I would get the game board and strangely I wouldn’t have access to the ‘back to menu’ button because it isn’t there at all and I would have access to the undo button! I don’t see any of my playable tiles and I am simply stuck on the screen. If I hit the undo button, it gives me the ‘Undoing Move’ prompt and then crashes. I tried restarting NH, hard booting my iPad and I would still be unable to play. I decided to try to play the stuck game on my iPhone 3gs and it WOULD let me play my turn. So it looks like there’s something happening on the iPad.

      Both my iPhone and iPad have iOS 5.1.1 installed. Any insight on why this would be happening?

    6. Łukasz on Wednesday 24, 2012

      @PaulG, it’s first time I hear about something like that happening. We will investigate on our own, but it would be great if you could try to find what causes this bug to happen.

    7. PaulG on Wednesday 24, 2012

      I’ll try doing a reinstall and see if it happens again. I think it usually happens when playing with Vegas and bribing a tile.

    8. fan on Wednesday 24, 2012

      Chłopaki, błagam, zróbcie wersję PC! Ludzie chętnie zapłacą za coś tak dobrego.

    9. SPQR3 on Thursday 25, 2012

      If I play Neojungle, and my opponent is Vegas, and if he manages to bribe one of my tiles, then there is a bug. I can use the Castling (place switcher) tile on the bribed unit, then I am able to switch this stolen unit, and one of my opponents units. The same is true when my tile is overtaken by a Scoper board tile.

    10. Łukasz on Thursday 25, 2012

      SPQR3, yes, it’s a bug with Castling. It should not allow you to switch places with overtaken unit, but it should allow to do so with a module next to Scoper. That’s because Scoper does not change module’s ownership – it’s still part of its army, but does work in favor of Scoper’s army.

    11. Sean on Friday 26, 2012

      Grenade on a mine = force close. Probably isn’t allowed anyway so doesn’t affect gameplay really.

    12. SPQR3 on Friday 26, 2012

      Okay, but with my scoped tile can change place with one of my opponents’ tiles. I think it should only allow to switch places with one of my own units.

    13. Łukasz on Friday 26, 2012

      You mean the enemy tile that Scoper is affecting or your tile being affected by enemy Scoper?

    14. GBMan on Friday 26, 2012

      Hi, have you a date for more armies on Android ?
      - Dancer army
      - Steel Police army
      - New York army
      - Neojungle army

      Could you add a statistics menu in the game showing victory and defeat, sorted by army, by AI difficulty, with an average of score… ?

    15. GBMan on Friday 26, 2012

      Hmm… sorry I means :
      - Dancer army
      - Steel Police army
      - Smart army
      - Vegas army


    16. Łukasz on Friday 26, 2012

      GBMan, we’re currently working on SP, Smart and Vegas, but as you probably know it takes some time to add new features like this ones.

    17. GBMan on Friday 26, 2012

      Ok, I’m glad you work on this armies :)
      But have you an idea of a date ? Christmas ? January 2013 ?

      And the stats looks like too much hard works for this game ?

      Thanks for your answers.

    18. Dustin on Friday 2, 2012

      Gb man

      It looks like there is no plans to release the dancer

      It Brecks my heart…. I hope the person/ people who dicided
      This will at least re-consider

      I know I would easily throw down 100$ for that army
      And not regret it…

      But looks like there focusing on classic armies

      We already got 8-9 classic armies out of 11!
      Time for three super solder experiments with a Creatureless
      Army to hit the field and start dancin if u ask me!

    19. Robert Lamb on Tuesday 6, 2012

      Loving the latest army addition! And for my part, I’m happy to purchase any army additions you guys roll out. If Dancer doesn’t make the cut, that’s just fine.


    20. thedentist on Wednesday 7, 2012

      I found a bug! On Galaxy S3 jelly bean. With screen rotation turned off. The game won’t start after selecting custom game. It’s a bit choppy too. Waiting for smart and will buy the moment it comes out. Please include the bundle of 5 armies. Thank you.

    21. Mroovek on Thursday 15, 2012

      So what’s an official communicat about Dancer army, or other new Ones? Can we have some informaton about new features?

    22. Alex on Friday 16, 2012

      Haha, yeah I know I’m feeling greedy, but I have the same questions as Mroovek.

      Are there plans for new armies? I can’t get enough!