Neuroshima Hex for Kindle Fire coming this week

With Eclipse still in the works (but getting closer to being finished every day!) we’re more than happy to announce that our Android departament (which consists of one guy really) have finished working on a Kindle Fire port of our best seller Neuroshima Hex.

How is it different from the Google Play one? First thing is, it’s optimized for Kindle tablets, so everything is super sharp and the UI is based on the one we use on iPads. It also relies on Amazon App Store IAP system, so Kindle tablet users will also be able to enjoy all additional armies we have implemented so far as IAPs. Other than that – it is the same amazing game and you’ll be able to get it on Amazon starting from Thursday (Mar 21, 2013).

Here’s a few screenshots to show you how it looks like:

  1. Ben on Monday 18, 2013

    Just between you and me, when are you submitting Eclipse? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

  2. Łukasz on Monday 18, 2013

    OK, but keep that to yourself: very soon :)

  3. Luke on Monday 18, 2013

    Any idea when the next ios update will come out? Would love to play the Dancer and Doomsday machine!!!

  4. Łukasz on Monday 18, 2013

    Me too! And we’re working on adding those armies as hard as we possibly can.

  5. Orzi on Monday 18, 2013

    And Sharrash, and Sharrash too! Today Mr. Trzewiczek post instruction for this upcoming army and believe me, it seems to be friggin awesome. And tricky. Really tricky. HQ running around the table? I like it :D

    I leave instruction here, unfortunately it’s only in polish ATM:

  6. dg1974 on Thursday 21, 2013

    Will this tablet-optimized version be available for everyone sooner or later?
    I’ve purchased the iOS version (damn! I love this game!) and now I would like to purchase this for my Android tablet (Kobo Arc, 7″, 1280×720) but on Google Play there is only the “phone” version… :(

  7. Paul on Wednesday 24, 2013

    I second that on a tablet optomized version. Playing it on my TF300 vs my wife’s Ipad is night and day. Fantastic game, just would like the option of the higher resolution and better optomized UI. I’d love to try the kindle one but it looks like it only installs on Kindle Fire HD.

  8. Ben Li on Thursday 2, 2013

    The board game of neuroshima hex is exciting. It will be fun to play it on iPhone