Neuroshima Hex for Kindle Fire available

Good news, everyone! Neuroshima Hex for Kindle Fire tablets is now available! Follow this link to access it directly on the Amazon App Store.

The biggest difference between this and Google Play edition is the UI. Here the UI is optimized for tablets, so everything is more iPad-like – one image is worth a thousand words and I inlcuded 3 of those in this post, so probably it would be best if you just click one and see for yourself. This edition also includes 5 additional armies (as IAPs/DLCs, whatever you call them), so once you’re tired with the basic ones, feel free to grab another.

  1. dg1974 on Friday 22, 2013

    we want this tablet version in Google Play Store!

  2. BP on Friday 22, 2013

    The linked listing at Amazon says it’s the Kindle Tablet version, but says it is not compatible with my Kindle Fire. Which Kindle Tablets is the game compatible with?

  3. Łukasz on Friday 22, 2013

    It is not compatible with the oldest Kindle Fire tablet.

  4. Emil on Friday 22, 2013

    Hi all,

    After new update game is so slow, i try this on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and Nexus 7, no matter where.

    Please fix this.


  5. Kostas on Friday 22, 2013

    Any plans to make it available for the oldest Kindle Fire Tablet?


  6. lzwierko on Friday 22, 2013

    @Emil – which update do you mean? generally version 2.0 (with new armies) or specifically 2.04 (latest)?
    and what exactly became so slow? It happens so that we’ve tested with nexus 7 and I didn’t notice any slowdown… Please contact us at

  7. Boodzik on Sunday 24, 2013

    When can we expect Dancer and Sharrash? :)

  8. Alex on Monday 25, 2013

    I second Boodzik :) I would love to hear more info on new armies!

  9. Matt Coles on Wednesday 27, 2013


    Same as above, wondering if a version will be made compatible with original Kindle Fire tablet. Feeling sad I am missing out on Hex action.


  10. Jake on Wednesday 27, 2013

    Hi, do you plan any discounts regarding android version soon?

    Is there any other way to pay (apart from google wallet)? I do not wish to give away my card number.

  11. lzwierko on Thursday 28, 2013

    @Jake – discounts happen periodically so visit Play / Amazon regularly.
    As for payment – sorry it’s all handled by google / amazon so I can’t help you there.

  12. lzwierko on Thursday 28, 2013

    @Boodzik, @Alex – the work on both armies (and a third one) is ongoing, so please bear with us a bit longer ok?

  13. Alex on Thursday 28, 2013

    I’m glad to hear that progress is being made, thanks Izwierko!

  14. donald on Monday 1, 2013

    Looking forward to the new armies!! Cant wait for them !!
    who is the 3rd army going to be ?? (other than Dancer and Sharrash) :)

  15. lzwierko on Friday 5, 2013

    @donald: take a guess ;-)

  16. Ananab Tilps on Sunday 7, 2013

    I’ve loaded Neuroshima Hex onto a new device, but couldn’t remember the password I used when I created the account, and tried the wrong one. Now when I try to log into my account, I’m told there’s an error: wrong password. Which, of course, I already know. But there seems to be no way to fix the mistake. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

  17. szkapeleniowieczek on Thursday 11, 2013

    Gra pojawi się na system windows phone 8?

  18. Łukasz on Thursday 11, 2013

    @Ananab Tilps, send us an e-mail using the account you use to log in for online games.
    @szkapeleniowieczek, w przyszłości chcielibyśmy sportować grę również na WP8.

  19. Donald on Saturday 20, 2013

    Would be nice if you could set a “roster” for army selection for each player
    I like to use the random army feature: but as I don’t play Vegas (and my gf doesn’t play Hedge or NeoJ) we have to frequently restart

    If I could specify a list of armies to choose from, that would be very nice!

    Good luck and keep working hard on the new armies!!!!

  20. TheDukester on Wednesday 8, 2013

    Notifications are completely broken for N. Hex. No one I’ve talked to has received a single notification since Eclipse was released.

    Please fix.

  21. Łukasz on Wednesday 8, 2013

    TheDukester, please check it now. Everything should work. APNS certificates were outdated, I’ve created new ones.

  22. Alex on Thursday 9, 2013

    Saw great news on twitter that you guys will soon be submitting three new armies! Will you let us know when you submit them so we can start the countdown?

  23. Łukasz on Thursday 9, 2013

    Of course we will :)

  24. Alex on Tuesday 21, 2013

    Hey guys! Found a bug. I was Borgo playing against Steel Police on easy. SP had 1 hit point on its HQ left and it played an executioner onto one of my people. SP’s HQ took one damage and was destroyed. However, the game didn’t end. SP then played a battle tile and a battle occurred. At the end of the battle SP’s other pieces remained on the board even though it had no HQ. I then played my turn and then SP got another turn. This continued for a couple of rounds before I just quit because SP had no HQ so I was spending my time just killing its fighters.

    Thought you might want to know stuff like that.

    Also, any news on the new factions?? :)