DDM, Sharrash and Dancer available!

Update: The Outpost is currently broken. Please don’t use it until the next update (which is going to be sent today).
Also if you’re using an older device with iOS5, you may have experienced IAPs problems. These will also be fixed with the update.
We’re really sorry for this.

It’s been a while since the last post (7 months, if I did the math right), but hopefully it was also well worth the wait.

Why is that? Because we’re releasing another three new armies for Neuroshima Hex, together for iOS and Android. Many of you probably know what these armies are, but for those who don’t:

  • Doomsday Machine is basically Moloch on steroids. It shoots a lot, can rotate one unit per turn and has new unique units which can redirect or multiply friendly shoots.
  • Sharrash is an army of (teenage) mutant (ninja) rats, so they have the units to respond to almost every situation on the board. High initiative unit attacking your HQ? Use Explosives. Blocked line of fire? Mortar is the right thing to use. Don’t want to lose you powerful melee unit when attacking enemy HQ? Paralysis will do the trick.
  • Dancer is an army anything like the others. It has only three, very powerful, tiles, which act like units and HQs. It also can do it’s special Dance move and completely change the situation on the board.

And justto make this day even more special, we’re putting all armies and NSHex itself on sale! Here’s how the prices will look until the end of the week:

  • Neuroshima Hex for iOS $2.99 (normally $4.99)
  • Neuroshima Hex for Android $0.99 (normally $2.99)
  • new DoomsdayMachine army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
  • new Sharrash army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
  • new Dancer army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
  • The Bundle of Five Armies $3.99 (normally $7.99)
  • Vegas army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
  • Smart army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
  • Steel Police army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
  • New York army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
  • Neojungle army $0.99 (normally $1.99)


  1. Dusty on Sunday 3, 2013

    Also ….every so often…but not all the time….I can’t heal object blue with object yellow.

    It is pretty rare, happend about 3 times…Object yellow can still heal its self no problem

    but is unable to heal object blue even thou blue is lit up like i am able to select it…when I touch him nothing happens.

    (like i say rare, every time it has happened to be blue …but it might give problems to object red as well)

  2. Łukasz on Sunday 3, 2013

    Dusty, Dancer’s net is less powerful than the standard nets – other tile may get away, but they lose 1 HP in process.

    About the other bug, would be great if you could send us a saved game when this happens – this would be really helpful.

  3. Dusty on Sunday 3, 2013

    Hey Lukasz…

    I know the Dancers net is less powerfull.

    But thats the problem. The way its programed in right now its TOO POWERFULL

    The way its programed in right now is, you can ONLY move away from the dancers net IF you use a (move) instant action tile.


    Sharrash HQ has tunneling, and both Sharrash and Hegemony have MOVE MODS

    The way its programed now with the latest update, Sharrash and Hegemony CAN’T MOVE out of the net in these cases.

    and I’m 99.99% sure they SHOULD BE ABLE TO

  4. Łukasz on Sunday 3, 2013

    Ah, OK, now I get it. I’ll consult that with the author, but you’re probably right.

  5. maquis on Sunday 3, 2013

    Dusty, I just checked with my Android version and I could use sharrash’s move module to move away or using hq’s ability to switch away from Yellow’s net. Hmm… Maybe the programming is different between iOS and android version.

  6. Dusty on Sunday 3, 2013

    No problem. Glad I could help….I really do love this game…and my favorite army is the Dancer, So If you do talk to him…tell him I say THANKS

    Big Thanks to you guys too…I know the Dancer could not have been easy to code.

    Also…Looks like The Scooper may be programed wrong as well.

    Now I’m not talking about where it made the game crash…I know it you guys fixed it with the last update.

    But the way its programed now…Its kinda almost like a VEGAS mod in all direction.

    It takes over the tile, and that tile takes damage from the other OBJECTs

    I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to do that…Only take away mod ability’s and give them to Outpost.

    like I say….I’m not an 100%…I could be wrong on this one…but I’m pretty sure that’s how its supposed to work.

  7. Łukasz on Sunday 3, 2013

    Yep, sounds much like a bug.

  8. Saúl on Monday 4, 2013

    Yellow object can’t use it’s ability on the other objects if it have less 10 life points. If Yellow have 10 life points it can heal the other objects. If yellow have less than 10 life points it only can heal itself.

  9. Łukasz on Monday 4, 2013

    Saul, iOS or Android?

  10. Dusty on Monday 4, 2013

    sounds like the same bug I was talking about.

    Just happened on my last online game (Dman) about 5 seconds ago

    Im on I pad

  11. Łukasz on Monday 4, 2013

    Yep, got it on the list.

  12. Alex on Tuesday 5, 2013

    Hey guys,

    Thank you very much for releasing the new armies! Hex is by far my favorite game on the iphone and I’ve watched it grow for years.

    I wanted to bring one dancer bug to your attention. I was Dancer versus Neojungle AI hard. I had the Neojungle HQ netted. It castled out of my net without receiving any damage. There were no medics around either.

    I appreciate Big Daddy’s Creations’ responsiveness and attention to detail, and I will continue to support your products in the future.

  13. Saúl on Tuesday 5, 2013


    Also if you use DDM army and you have two or more tiles on the board, when you use HQ’s ability you can rotate even enemy tiles.

  14. Mikelos on Tuesday 5, 2013

    Thanks for the updates, but could we have a price for the third armies ?
    What about of the online game for android ? It would have been more useful and free ;)

  15. macgwadky on Thursday 7, 2013


    Unfortunately I must complain here. As a great fan of Hex, since Boardgame v1.0, I was very happy to know that it came on smart devices.

    Getting to the point – the Android version.
    There are regular problems with buying armies on Android. Every time it was real pain to buy armies, when clicking on buy armies button the screen showed only background image with no option to chose for payment , anything.
    It’s becoming a nightmare. Especially when I want to be updated with the army packs.

    Not mentioning that Online Multiplayer is still missing. New portable systems available (Kindle) but old problems stay the same.

    The last but not least – please optimize the calculation of damage. It’s rather very irritating that after all this time Medic tiles are saving damage in wrong way.
    Example – enemy tile with no Endurance ( + ) gets damage 2 and more , Medic is discarded saving the enemy tile , but the very tile stays on board. Meaning – Enemy tile gets 1 (+) point of endurance but when getting 2 and more damage stays on board.

    I sicerelly hope that this will help improve this amazing game of Neuroshima Hex, and to get real alternative on Smartphones.


  16. Łukasz on Thursday 7, 2013

    Starting from the bottom of your post, that’s not how Medics work. They save a tile from all the damage that comes from a given souce (which mostly means another tile). So if a tile gets hit for 10 points of damage and it has a Medic connected to it, it won’t lose a single point of health, because Medic takes it all and dies.

    As for the internal purchases problem, please contact us at: supportandroid@neuroshimahex.com and we’ll try to help.

  17. Mikelos on Friday 8, 2013

    What about the online version ?
    Could you answer please ?
    I will not buy anymore adds before this.

  18. Swapwag on Saturday 9, 2013

    Please Fix Doomsday Machine’s HQ-Ability it is Actually able to rotate any Unit (also your opponents) when you have one or more tiles on the board!

    That way its nearly impossible to Win against a Player who knows to use that Bug!

  19. Sascha on Saturday 16, 2013

    Happened to play Dancer last night against a friend and I had the same bug as Dusty.

    My Dancer melee tile had 3hp and was connected to my net which had 9/10.
    I wanted to heal the melee tile and could only heal my net for 1 point.
    Sadly can’t upload anything as the game is on my friends Ipad.

    PS: Great game, love it :)

  20. Dusty on Monday 18, 2013

    Hey guys…I know there is always going to be hick-ups.

    And armies like the dancer made the last update really hard…and I still love you guys and think you did a great job…

    The dancers OP net I spoke of and DDM turn ANY tile bug…are Bordering on the line of game breaking, cuz they happen 100% of the time.

    A clitch here and there is no big deal, but those 2 bugs happen in 100% of the games for me.
    Is there a fix coming soon?

  21. Dusty on Wednesday 20, 2013

    Outpost scooper is also messed up vs dancer 100% of the time

    It takes over an object and let’s it deal damage to other objects.

    It is only supposed to take away mod and give it to any attached outpost soldiers

  22. Patryk on Tuesday 26, 2013

    Zrobiłem dziś update na ios7. Zasieciowane i przekupione przez Vegas jednostki mogą się ruszać i wykonywać obrót. Co chyba jest bugiem…

  23. Dusty on Thursday 28, 2013

    Any news guys???

    Any plans to fix those bugs (dancer net/ scooper) (DDM turn anything)

    Or is the game going to just stay like it is….
    just wanna know.

  24. GBMan on Thursday 28, 2013


    Thanks for the new armies :)
    I’ve got an Android Smartphone (Galaxy S2).

    Each time I start a new custom battle versus an IA with The Dancers the application freeze and killl the app or return to the main menu.
    After this I can do a Resume Game and starting this everything works fine.

    Can you fix this ?

  25. GBMan on Sunday 1, 2013


    So it’s not limited to the Dancer. Any kind of custom game make an error requiring a resume of the game.

    I’ve a question. Is it normal that The Dancer always begin the game ?

  26. notled on Thursday 5, 2013

    Hi. I’m playing the Android version on the Nexus 7. The bug I’ve experienced ever since the latest update (which added the new armies), is that anytime an army with underlying module tiles is used (such as the Neo Jungle and their Roots), I get a flickering switch between the army tiles and the underlying tiles. Also, after the flickering, often the underlying tiles will show, obscuring the army tiles. I can set it straight temporarily by going into info mode and out, but it won’t stick.

  27. Nerval on Friday 6, 2013

    Hi and thanks for the new armies (even though I feel can of tired – as an android user – to always feel as we get the last update months after every body else (yes, I am speaking about the online mod here).

    Also, I have the same problem as GBman, each time I start a game, the loading screen freezes and swith to a vertical view, then the game crashes and resume to the IOS of the Phone. I then have to launch the game and resume my party to be able to play.

    The game also freezes and bugs every once in a while and it really is a pain in the ass. I tried everything, like uninstaling the whole thing and downloading and installing it again… But the game really seems to be full of bugs now.

    Pleaaaaaase, fix it and add the online mod.