Stayed in Mississippi a day too long

If you haven’t figured that out already, this is not one of these websites which get updated on a daily basis. To be honest, if you dig deeper you’ll see this is the first post I’m writing this year (!), so I guess I better keep it short, to ease the shock 🙂

Here it is, the news of the year – Neuroshima Hex gets updated again, this time with a new army called Mississippi. If you’ve never heard of it, here’s a short description unveiling it’s nastiness:

In 2050 Mississippi is a gigantic toxic sewer draining directly from the interior of Moloch territory. The river and the lands in its vicinity are hidden in poisonous fumes and is known as the Belt of Death or seedbed of mutants. Only a few can survive here and for those rare individuals who live here, the deadly toxins in the air and water are every-day reality. When facing the Warriors of the Mississippi, clad in coats and gas masks, be prepared for the deadliest diseases and poisons born by the post-war world and which Moloch released into the rivers.

Mississippi makes a massive usage of poison which is their main ability – it has fast Poisoner units, Boiler module which lets other units spit poison and, if you play it right, you can even pull off a combo that will add a new poison marker to any unit on the board (including opponent’s HQ) each time a battle is started! And why is poison all that great, you ask? It’s because your opponent’s HQ, once poisoned, can’t do much else except losing hit points each time a battle is started. Put a couple of poison markers on it on the first battle and they’ll get you about 8-10 additional damage point until the end of the game!

So if that and a “gigantic toxic sewer” made you think “I’d buy that for a dollar!” I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is all you have to do to buy it is update your Neuroshima Hex to v.2.5.0, launch it and tap the Yellow Banner™. The bad news is it costs two dollars.

Oh, and all our other games and IAPs are now discounted, so if you feel like you don’t own enough awesome games already, make yourself a favor, save some money and get them now!

  • Neuroshima Hex for iOS $2.99 (normally $4.99)
  • Neuroshima Hex for Android $0.99 (normally $2.99)
    • new Mississippi army $1.99
    • DoomsdayMachine army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • Sharrash army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • Dancer army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • The Bundle of Five Armies $3.99 (normally $7.99)
    • Vegas army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • Smart army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • Steel Police army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • New York army $0.99 (normally $1.99)
    • Neojungle army $0.99 (normally $1.99)

As always, enjoy!

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16 Responses to Stayed in Mississippi a day too long

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  2. Claes R. says:

    Great news…
    Im Also there for Mephisto 🙂

  3. dg1974it says:

    @Łukasz great news! 😀

  4. Łukasz says:

    @Jesper, yeah, we try to make that happen in the next update
    @Fuzhou, thanks!

  5. Fuzhou Chen says:

    @Winged Nazgul, we’re working on a cross platform multiplayer version, so iOS and Android players will be able at some point to play against each others. But it requires time.

    You know, @Łukasz, this is one of the greatest news for this year. Oh I mean, Mississippi is surely a challenge to me already! Thanks for hard work and best wishes to you and all your great team!

  6. Jesper Hellman says:

    @Łukasz, i understas the challanges as it is a pretty unique army/unit. Just make it happen some day.
    Also we are getting a lot of armies now and the selection interface does not lend itself to that to well with its cycling nature. Would be good to be able to swipe back and forth or have a selection grid show up when taped.
    Else good progress on a great game.

  7. Łukasz says:

    Hi guys, sorry for being quiet, here are the answers to your questions:

    @Jesper Hellman, Mephisto is probably not going to make it to iOS and Android due to rule changes it requires. We tried that with Dancer, it costed us a lot of really hard work (we’re still fixing bugs introduced by Dancer!) and this particular army is not that popular really. But good news is we’re going to have another army for you in a really short period of time. Stay tuned 🙂

    @Winged Nazgul, we’re working on a cross platform multiplayer version, so iOS and Android players will be able at some point to play against each others. But it requires time.

    @Chris Kon, what bugs in particular are you talking about? And on which platform?

    @dg1974it, tablet UI is on it’s way 🙂 More details soon 🙂

    @GBertram, we plan to cancel our agreement with Amazon, because sales there are next to none, so we’re not supporting this version any more (sorry for that). But (good news) you should be able to get a news version for your device with all new armies quite soon (can’t say anything more at this point 🙂

    @Sarachiel, every in-app purchase you make is registered with your Google Play account and it ‘stays’ there, so after reinstalling the game you won’t have to pay for anything you’ve already paid.

    @Dominik, we’ll have a look, thanks!

  8. Dominik says:

    I’m very happy you decided to port more armies, hope Mephisto will come as well.

    I just wanted to report that Transposition tile is buggy. Undoing it does not restore the removed unit. Additionally, the text “Select tile to be removed” is almost instantly replaced by the next text, so it’s easy to tap them in the wrong order.

  9. Sarachiel says:

    Just short question. If I buy army packs and delete the game, will they appear after reinstalling the game or I will need to buy them again ?

  10. GBertram says:

    Is this available for the app currently on the Amazon Appstore?

  11. dg1974it says:

    Any Neuroshima news is a good news, but please, PLEASE, make an Android tablet version of this wonderful game (not only for Kindles)!!!

    I’ve purchased the game on iPad (and all the armies!) and now I’ve purchased it again for my Android tablet (and all the armies!) but… the “smartphone” version on the tablet is awful!

    so, PLEASE, make a “true” tablet version for Android!


  12. Chris Kon says:

    It is indeed a nice surpise.
    Neuroshima Hex is a WONDERFUL game BUT the online multiplayer mode needs a lot of bugs to be fixed before can someone play without difficulties. Curious enough you have promised to fix them but there are still a lot in there. New armies are good but personally I would prefer to completely fix the online multiplayer first.

  13. Sorry. Not buying anything more from your company until online multi-player is put in for the Android version.

  14. Robert Lamb says:

    What an excellent little surprise! Purchased! ~rl

  15. Jesper Hellman says:

    what a great army, just how i like to play with neo-jungle but way more focused on the poison, i love it.

    Gotta play with it some more to decimate my opponents even harder!

    Anyway, when can we see Mephisto added as an army for the mobile version of neuroshima hex? it has been an official physical army for a long time now.

  16. Richard Low says:

    Great news! I just bought the Mississippi army. =)
    Keep up the great work in constantly updating Neuroshima Hex (iOS) and adding new armies!! I’ll keep on supporting you. =)

    All the best,

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