Neuroshima Hex v3.0 and HD update for Android

It’s been nearly five years since we first released Neuroshima Hex and the game’s look did not really change that much over time, so we decided to do something about it.

OK, to be completely honest with you, it wasn’t a truly autonomous decision, but partly the Portal’s license requirements (they’re moving to the new v3.0 look with the “paper” edition), but anyway we tried to did our best and are quite happy with the results.

What did change? Currently only the tile and board graphics, but we’re not going to stop there! We’re working (among other features and bug fixes) on an even more consistent and immersive look – we’re probably going to tease tiny bits of it over the next weeks, so stay tuned.

Another important thing to mention is an HD update for Android version owners – now the ones with tablets can play in HD (similar to Humble Bundle’s version) with iPad like UI! The update comes as an IAP and it totally optional.

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38 Responses to Neuroshima Hex v3.0 and HD update for Android

  1. Dariusz says:

    Hi there,

    I know what happened.
    Game Center application stopped working.
    I have reset my iphone and everything works fine.

    Darek K.

  2. Dariusz says:


    Iphone 6 version.
    For some days I cannot look at my points on hard level.
    Trophies are also replaced with rating and ‘No challenges’ screen.
    Points earned are not added to my score…

    Ipad version works fine so far.

    Can I ask why?
    Dariusz K.

  3. Ronski says:

    As an addition to my comment above, I must say I got pretty used to the new graphics now and I do like them a lot now! But I still think the same about the color differences between some of the armies. They just look to much the same.Neo Jungle / Mississippi / Vegas or a combination of them. And Doomsday Machine / Smart look very much the same. I hope they will be adjusted in the near future. Thanks in advance.

  4. Nik says:

    Hey! What’s about Uranopolis…?

    For me new version looks fine 🙂

  5. John Baker says:

    Reading the reviews I understand many more people than the developer realises do not like the new graphics. I discovered a work around. It works ONLY if you had the old version, use a mac, and have Time machine engaged. I am now enjoying NS again. Here goes.

    1. First go into time machine and make sure you have the 2.5.2 version of NS in your time machine. If you don’t the following doesn’t work. Look for it somewhere back in April 2015. Look in the iTunes/mobile applications directory. It’s called “NS Hex” followed by its version number.
    2. Restore it to the iTunes directory. It will not over write the current one as the version numbers are different and part of the name.
    3. Once restored move it out to the desktop so you always have a copy of it.
    4. Delete the latest version of the app from the iTunes/mobile applications directory.
    5. On ALL your iOS devices that have NS installed turn off automatic updates for apps the delete the game from your iPad or phone.
    6. Do a sync. App should now be gone.
    7. Copy the NS Hex 2.5.2 into your iTunes/mobile applications directory. Double click it and enter your password if required.
    8. Re open iTunes and add Neuroshima Hex back onto your device. You now have the old graphics.

    I am so VERY HAPPY I can enjoy this game again as I also found the new graphics very meh. If you restore the old graphics I promise I will buy some add-on armies. As things are right now I am not interested in “updating”.

  6. Richard Jones says:

    Used to play this game daily. Then the graphics changed. One of my friends was really bummed out. I tried to cheer him up and tell him he would get used to it. But you know what….I stopped playing. I never would have guessed the new graphics would be such a subtle and unnoticeable turn off to me.

    It wasn’t a conscious decision….it was so surprisingly subtle I am disturbed.

    But like the others have said…graphics are so very important and the current ones killed the game for me. I am busy going through my time machine backups hoping I can restore an older version so,I can love this game again.

    CONSTRUCTIVELY: why not have 4-5 sets of tiles. Since you are no longer allowed to use the old ones can you get creative and make your own?

    If the board game is going in this direction then good luck to them too. They are bland and insipid.

  7. Krilin says:

    Portal guys say there is no licensign problem, and they have no problem with the old graphics being used alongside the new ones (eg. as an option).
    So where is the problem ?

  8. Chris says:

    P.S. just thought that I have a spare Nook with the game on it that I have not used for a few months. If I turn off the wireless connection on it I will at least be able to play the old game – it comes to this!

  9. Chris says:

    Please can we have an option to use the old graphics – they were far easier on the eye.
    I no longer have any interest in playing the game. I find it hard to understand that I have no option
    but to use them for a game I paid quite a bit of money for (have all the add-ons).

    Very annoyed by this!

  10. Olivier says:

    I have been a player of this game for several years and love it.
    I must say that like many others I have been very disappointed by the last update and the graphics. Misleading, not meaningful. Please get back to the previous one, or as someone suggested, make the two graphics modes available as a game option.
    Thanks !!

  11. Boryssobieski says:

    I like 3.0 tiles but please fix orientation bug. Its unplayable now. When i start the game screen orientation going mad on my Asus Transformer TF300t. I have all expansions and i love this game. Please….Fix it.

  12. Jaime says:

    when balls online multiplayer
    that you are a shit
    para cuando cojones el online multiplayer

  13. Thomas says:

    I want to echo the complaints about the new style. It makes for a messy, less readable board. I don’t care much for the tile art, but the markings on the tiles need to be clear.

    I’d love it if the developers can spend time on tweaking the design. I don’t feel the desire to play with the game in its current state.

  14. Regretable decision? says:

    This is the best game I have on my mobile.

    But, I totally dislike the new images. And even if I understand the reasons why Portal are pushing the change this is not what I paid for. Why force the new design that lacks any contrast whatsoever? Why not translate it into polish and force people to learn that language to be able to play the game?

    Is it that hard to give the option to use the original images? Regretable decision.

    By the way, the screen captures shown on Google play show the old (readable on mobile) design. isn’t that false advertising if you are selling the game now with different graphic assets?

    Look at what Setlers of Catan have done with their android app. They allow you to use all three deign options, classic version, Mayfair one and new Kosmos one. If you are worried that the game apk will become too big just give the option to download the original assets as you do with the armies?

    Anyway, I think i said enough. Keep doing the good work and I really hope Portal will take into account their old customers complaints.

  15. Fuzhou Chen says:

    OK I finally get a chance to update my Android app. Sadly I have to +1 to old graphic. The look and feel makes me really difficult to check direction of tiles. 🙁

    I understand licensing problem is always difficult, but if possible, please take the old graphic back, or least recover the wide black border and tile background without texture. 🙂

    And by the way, I like UI layout of high resolution mode, even when I actually play it only from my phone. 🙂

  16. Oxygenum says:


    Your port of this game is very good – but you probably know what we all want – multiplayer on android. Can you tell us something about plan for that? That is not that hard for example with google support for multiplayer turn game… So? Maybe some new for us :)?

    Thanks for response (whatever it can be 🙂 )

  17. koshik says:

    +1 for the old graphics (it was more readable)
    Please add an option to make it available again.

  18. Olisseus says:

    I think the new GFX are great. While I loved the old ones, I think the new version is much clearer and better to read (mainly because of the removal of the black borders)

    As always there will be a lot of people complaining because they don’t like things to change. It would’ve been better to make the change optional. But as it stands, I like them more, than the old ones.

  19. NotAffiliated says:

    @Łukasz: Sad to hear the change is obligatory, it’s a dumb move on Portal’s part. I myself probably won’t play the game or buy new armies anymore, as half the joy of playing the game has been replaced with frustration over the ugly and unreadable graphics.

  20. Joi says:

    Please make better AI and add multiplayer online!

  21. Fuzhou Chen says:

    I kinds of want to echo the previous comments that the v3.0 graphic looks a little bit strange, comparing previous edition. To me, the miss of black border makes tiles difficult to distinguish. Hope an animated demo can be seen soon to help me get an overview of new design.

  22. Nemo says:

    Add the “Show old tiles” function. Please

  23. dusty says:

    I too am a long time fan of the game, have bought all dlc gladly with a smile on my face

    Even lost a couple nights of sleep waiting for the dancer to come out.

    And today is the first time in 5 yrs I delete the game cuz I can’t stand to look at it.

    All I can say is I hope you get the old licence back.

    The new graffics are terrible. Was really sad when the did this in the paper version, so sad to see it come here too

  24. Jesper Hellman says:

    i cant wait to see all the other UI changes to make it look more in style with the new 3.0 NS style.

    Some things that bugged me a bit:

    Tile arrows are to hard to see when next to another tile. looks messy with a lot of tiles on the board. add a bit of spacing / shrink the tiles 1-3 pixels is enough, or add a border (could be black or army colored)

    The background is to bright makes the tiles look all bland, a darker image will make em pop and look more vibrant. also back to the first thing adding some spacing between the tiles to make a darker background peak trought more would look great.

    “Auras” looks out of place and needs to be changed/updated, talking about neo jungles motherland, new york and mississippis armor, and Vegas control takeover. possibly more auras also. they look out of place and is hard to see, not to mention they obscure the damage arrows, making em even harder to see.

    Some army coluors is just to simmilar mainly Vegas and mississippi & Doomsday and Smart & to some degree Outpost and Neo Jungle.

    Another inconsistency i saw was the spacing between they double and triple arrows, some are extremly close why others are a good readable distance. ( Outpost annihilator looks great while Vegas Mercenery looks terrible, go trought all of them and make sure all are the same distance. it will look a lot better on the messy board.(universial solders melee arrow should be on top)

    Else i think your design of the new tiles looks a hell lot better then the official 3.0 tiles ( the orange/yellow/blue effect icons looks terrible, your plain black ones is a lot more fitting.)

    Still one of the best board game conversions to digital, keep it up and make the new UI look good and coherent

    TL:DR, add black tile borders or a darker background with some tile spacing.

  25. Łukasz says:

    Sorry to hear you guys liked the previous graphics better. Unfortunately, the old ones won’t come back due to licensing issues.

    As for the similar colors, we’ll try to change the current ones a bit to make it extinguishing between armies easier.

  26. Serg says:

    Please bring back old graphics!!!! I dont like aka v.3.0(((((((
    Posible like options for choise.

  27. Victor says:

    Did not like the new update. Colors are sometimes too similar with one another, new tile art is confusing and the board background image is frankly ugly. It does not reflect the apocalyptic spirit of Neuroshima as the previous one did.

    The new unit flavor art resizing (or zooming, whatever) also makes the beautiful art less clear and enjoyable. A symbol in the background of each tile? Seriously? Too many colors, too bright. This is supposed to be a bleak, gloomy post-apocalyptic serious war, not some Apple-iOS8-hypercolorized teen punk party.

    Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. And I believe this time you tried to fix what was not broken.

    I really love this game and have been a close supporter for all these years. I own every single DLC and bought Neuroshima for every platform available. That’s why this is a sad update for me.

    Please, make it an option to toggle between the “classic” (I’ve just made up the term) style and the “modern” one. Please 🙁

  28. Ronski says:

    I love the game!! Maybe i have to get used to the new graphics, but I find it confusing. Is it possible to make the old graphics optional in the new version ? I would like that a lot. I have some troubles with the colors too. But I am glad you keep developing the game. I hope to see statistics (win/lose etc.) in the future. 2 vs 2

  29. Nemo says:

    Colors of some armies merge ( for example Vegas and Mississippi). It creates inconveniences during game.

  30. Caleb says:

    Thanks for updating this amazing (my favorite) game! Unfortunately my LG G3 running Android 4.4.2 crashes on startup since updating. Please help!

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