Neuroshima Hex v3.0 and HD update for Android

It’s been nearly five years since we first released Neuroshima Hex and the game’s look did not really change that much over time, so we decided to do something about it.

OK, to be completely honest with you, it wasn’t a truly autonomous decision, but partly the Portal’s license requirements (they’re moving to the new v3.0 look with the “paper” edition), but anyway we tried to did our best and are quite happy with the results.

What did change? Currently only the tile and board graphics, but we’re not going to stop there! We’re working (among other features and bug fixes) on an even more consistent and immersive look – we’re probably going to tease tiny bits of it over the next weeks, so stay tuned.

Another important thing to mention is an HD update for Android version owners – now the ones with tablets can play in HD (similar to Humble Bundle’s version) with iPad like UI! The update comes as an IAP and it totally optional.

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38 Responses to Neuroshima Hex v3.0 and HD update for Android

  1. Harding says:

    Ruined! I used to love this game and gladly told people to buy it. It was what got me back into board games – but now it is unplayable!

  2. B says:

    One of my favorite games ruined by this redesign. The game is unreadable and confusing now. How did this happen? incredibly poor design decisions here. Licensing issues? thats the excuse we are given for a completely unreadable game? Tons of apps are doing the re-release/force/re-buy on the App Store. This reeks of a conscious decision to make people re-buy when the old school (actually playable) version returns.

    Bummer. Hopefully this gets fixed. Until then I’m done with this game unfortunately.

  3. Zongo says:

    +1 with online in Android version !

    Quote from Łukasz in 2014 :

    “we’re working on a cross platform multiplayer version, so iOS and Android players will be able at some point to play against each others. But it requires time.”

    They seem to work on it, I hope it will happen one day 🙂

  4. Ript0r says:

    Hello, I was passing by chance on the site hoping nothing new , I thought that development was dead…
    And there I see a new version of the game with new graphics 😮 , and I told myself: haa I can finally play online on my android phone !

    What a disappointment when I realized it was just a graphical update 🙁

    Łukasz, why Android players don’t have the right to play online?

    I expect this update to purchase all factions /

  5. Perq says:

    I couldn’t care less about fucking “HD”. Stop trying to milk more money and give us multiplayer. :-/

    Terrible update

  6. Tojim says:


  7. Tojim says:

    Me again sorry but i would definitely like to be able to switch back to the previous version (at least being able to choose) I wasn’t warned at all of such a huge change.

    I follow / support you from the very start bought everything so far (to play it) so sorry but i’m so disappointed right now feels like i’ve been tricked and don’t want to play it since

    Talking about improvement?

  8. Tojim says:

    I prefered the 2.0 design as well
    Yes please bring at least the black borders back, it’s hardly readable

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