Ignacy Trzewiczek about the success of Neuroshima Hex

Neuroshima Hex was released in 2006 and in just a few months we sold every single box, grabbing The Best Polish Board Game award along the way. We printed a new, revised edition and went to Essen to present the game at the world’s biggest board game convention. Once again we sold all the boxes, made a deal with a French publisher, got the The Dice Tower award for The Best Small Publisher and got nominated to Bruno Faidutti’s Game of the Year award. The most famous guys in the board gaming business said things like: ‘Pretty close to my dream game’ or ‘I don’t know much about gaming scene in Poland, but if Neuroshima HEX is any indication, I am impressed’.

One year later we printed the next batch of Neuroshima Hex, signed a deal with Z-MAN games, one of the biggest publishers in the United States, in order to distribute the game in the USA. Neuroshima also hit China and entered the top hundred of the BGG ranking. Moreover we have signed some other deals, so now after the success in Poland, France, and USA, Neuroshima Hex will conquer other countries. This year it is going to be published in Spain, Holland, Italy and Germany.

Universal Soldier is attacking Moloch's HQ!

Universal Soldier is attacking Moloch's HQ!

I have to admit – a few months ago we stopped opening champagne to celebrate successive successes (pun intended) of this game. What’s going on around it now is just an everyday life. Every few weeks I get an email from different publishers around the world – Czech Republic, Russia, Portugal – who want to sell Neuroshima Hex literally in the whole wide world. I am happy about them but not especially excited.

I was sure that the this game will never ever again give me a thrill.

Fortunately, I was mistaken. A few days ago we bought another bottle of champagne. Impatiently we are looking forward to a completion of this project. Once again we can say that Neuroshima Hex has surprised us. Neuroshima Hex hitting the App Store is something that gives us a thrill. And it makes us feel very very good.

Ignacy Trzewiczek

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  1. Richard M. Low says:

    I am very excited to hear that Neuroshima Hex will be coming out for the iPhone! I will definitely purchase the app and also spread the good news to my friends. =)

    By the way, I also have the board game version of Neuroshima Hex. =)


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