Neuroshima Hex wallpapers available for download

It was a bit too quiet here for past few days, so we thought we should do something about it. We prepared a bunch of wallpapers for all of you to download and set on your desktop.

So now, because one image is worth a thousand of words, check out those cool wallpapers! There’s 16 of them, so we hope everyone will find something that fits his or her taste.

Let us know which one you think is the best.

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11 Responses to Neuroshima Hex wallpapers available for download

  1. enmanuel jordan says:

    gracias los andaba buscando 🙂

  2. Brian81 says:

    Love Neuroshima Hex and great wallpapers but as someone stated before the iPhone wallpapers are in landscape format I would love to see them in portrait format. Thanks a million !!!!

  3. Alain says:

    A wallpaper (or a printable manual) with the description of units would be nice for newbies !

  4. Leyart says:

    The human soldier is definitely my favourite.

  5. RonBurgundy (From TA) says:

    Thanks man! One thing though is that the iDevice wallpapers are landscape, I’m sorry to bug ya but if you could make some portrait wallpapers that would be awesome. 🙂
    (I really like them!)

  6. Lukasz says:

    Try the 1920×1200 ones. Those are 16:10, but will look great on 16:9 disaplay, if you’ll just center them in screen.

  7. de99ial says:

    How about 16:9 formats?

  8. Łukasz says:

    Sure thing 🙂 We’re preparing those for iPhone and should post them today or tomorow 🙂

  9. RonBurgundy (From TA) says:

    I LOVE the human soldier!

    By any chance you could make these into iPod/iPhone sizes as well? I know it may not work for the huge units like the mutant tank thingy but if I can have one of the soldier I would love it! 😉

  10. Tim "Lord Gek" Jordan says:

    I think the Gladiator-Umpire was my favorite, but the Mr. 4 Armed Trident wielder works better, colorwise, as a desktop.

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