Wind of Change

I got an early beta of Neuroshima Hex. I run it on my iPad. There are still many glitches and things not working in a way they should, so I play with the menu, AI levels selection and simply move tiles on the board and I’m totally amazed.

After a few moments my kids enter the room – 8 years old Olek and 9 years old Nina. They grab my iPad, start this early beta of Neuroshima Hex, sit on the floor and play.

Kids have no idea that in their hands they have the most amazing gadget of the last few months – iPad that the whole wide world went crazy about and daddy had to stand on his head just to get it (this device isn’t yet officially available here in Poland).
Kids have no idea they’re playing the beta version, which other fans would die for.
Kids have no idea that the intuitiveness of this adaptation, the simplicity of the menu, the easiness of moving the tiles is the real breakthrough, the revolution that the multitouch devices began.
Kids have no idea that the fact they’re playing, without explaining the interface is really an amazing thing.

They have no idea that user interface being so intuitive is something unusual in PC or console games. For my kids Neuroshima Hex on my iPad is something normal. They just sat down and play. Without any knowledge they’re dealing with something revolutionary. I stand over them and I nod in disbelief. When I was their age i had Atari 800 XL, games were loaded from the tape and I was playing with the broken joystick. They tap the shiny screen with their fingers, choose tiles, move units, watch amazing animations. They’re having fun as if they had played this game for a long time, but they have been playing it just for two minutes! I lean and say: ‘To rotate the tile just tap here and…’, my son rises his head: ‘I know it, daaaad!’ he says reproachfully and gets back to the game.

I shut my mouth. I watch. I do not believe it.

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