How about a small competition?

As those of you who’ve been following us on Facebook, Twitter or Touch Arcade Forums already know – the game is almost done and should be submitted to the App Store at the end of the month. And when it gets to the App Store, we’ll be given a bunch of promotional codes, which will allow their holders to download the game for free. Of course, we will use some of them for promotional purposes (i.e. reviews), but there still will be many of them left. So, what to do with those? We came up with an idea to… give everyone a chance to get one of that codes!

Yupi! Hurray! Free codes giveaway!

Well, it won’t be that easy 🙂 We don’t want just to post the codes, so people who don’t care about the game will grab the codes before those, who care. Our idea is to make a small competition. The goal will be quite easy – solving the puzzle and e-mailing us with the answer. Doesn’t sound that hard, right? And it won’t be, but it will require a bit of knowledge about Neuroshima Hex rules. We won’t give you any more details yet, just to give all of you a chance to familiarize with the rules. Rules may be downloaded from the Neuroshima Hex page on BGG.

Read the rules and be prepared to solve the puzzle in a few days. More details coming soon 🙂

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  27. Łukasz says:

    No iPad this time 🙂
    Puzzle will be posted soon, I will tell no more 🙂

  28. jason says:

    Can we get a free iPad to play the game on too? 😀

    I bet this puzzle will have something to do with netting the opponents HQ 🙂

  29. MichallusTG says:

    Oh really? Impoooooossible. 😛

  30. Templarkun says:

    Great! Looking forward 😛

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