Trailer video

Marek recently created a really cool looking trailer video for our game.

If there are some of you who haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

We hope you like it 🙂

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18 Responses to Trailer video

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  2. olo says:

    Good to know – może jakieś bugo-znaleźne? 😀 😀 😀 😛

  3. Łukasz says:

    Yeah, it’s a bug and will get fixed.

  4. olo says:

    So I say… 😛 Hope it was only a “cinema” effect 😛

  5. koop says:


    yeah, in neuroshima hex online you cannot do this 🙂

  6. olo says:

    I will buy iPhone for Neuroshima Hex, too!
    Mybe with a little trick: “Honey, do You like to have an iPhone at x-mas”
    Of course she want :>

  7. Łukasz says:

    @Tomasz, are you serious? You really bought the device just to play Neuroshima? Sure thing we add asynchronous multiplayer, just give us some time, people 🙂

  8. Tomasz N says:

    “What about multiplayer mode?
    In the first release of Neuroshima Hex only the hot seat mode will be available, but we are planning to add other multiplayer modes in the future.”

    Please add online play with a friend via push notifications, so it’s even possible to shut off ipod and come back to the play later. Just like in Carcassonne they implemented it.

    Anyhow: I bought iPod just for Neuro 🙂

  9. Paul Doherty says:

    Then I suggest you hurry up ands get the iPad version done, before I start to hurt things 😉

  10. Lukasz says:

    @Paul, our current plan is to release iPad version as another application. We want to do it this way because iPad version will be so much different from the iPhone/iPod Touch version from the UI point’s of view and it doesn’t make any sense to keep both UI in a single application and make people who only own an iPhone download 30 MB more.

  11. Paul Doherty says:

    Is the iPad version included if I purchase the iphone one? I have an iPad only and don’t want to buy the game twice.

  12. Łukasz says:

    @jason, 😀 I’m really glad this middle man exists does not allow pirated apps to be easily run. This is, in my opinion, the biggest advantage of iOS and and weakest link in Android.

  13. jason says:

    Very fair price for the game – if I paypal you the money, can you send me the app? 😀

    We can just cut out the middle man!

  14. Łukasz says:

    @jason, all congratulations go to Marek – he made this trailer video

    The game will cost 2,99$.

  15. jason says:

    Looks very nice Łukasz! Congratulations!

    Any idea on how much it will cost in the app store?

  16. MichallusTG says:

    A nie mówiłem? 😛

  17. Łukasz says:

    Nothing is impossible! 🙂
    This one will be the first one to fix 🙂

  18. olo says:

    0:31 impossible 😛

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