Promocode contest results

We have the winner(s)!

Sorry for keep you waiting so long for the results, but I was really busy recording stuff you’ll soon see on YouTube 🙂

As for the answers. Of course there where good answers and better answers, but we didn’t write anything about only the optimal answer being the right one, so anyone who have sent us a correct answer (not breaking the rules) that solved the puzzle (Moloch ended with more HP points than The Outpost) was put into our draw machine (I mean, his e-mail was).

Machine returned this results:

  • Paul Holub
  • Vincent Despiegel
  • John Hupp
  • Fabien Riffaud
  • Paweł Żmuda
  • László Dobcsányi
  • Ben Stanley
  • Jason Quintal
  • Ikeda EL-CO
  • Adam Czermiński

Congratulations to the winners and great thanks to everyone who participated in our competition. In fact, competition was so popular that we’ll almost certainly organize another when iPad version comes out 🙂

As soon as the game hits the App Store we’ll send you the codes, guys!

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18 Responses to Promocode contest results

  1. Tom says:

    The exact opposite for me… It’s on my app store on the phone but it’s over 20 megs so I have to connect to itunes to download it.

    I connect to itunes and search for it and NOTHING COMES UP!

    I just left my phone in the car on the dashboard for 20 mins to download off of another businesses wifi 🙂 Hope it works.

  2. Drew says:

    It’s out in the US, sorta! I can get it in iTunes but not on the App store on my phone…..yet.

  3. RonBurgundy says:

    If they do refuse to approve it I bet you anything it would be for something silly like “Neuroshima sounds too much like Hiroshima, it could offend someone!”

    Would not surprise me as they turn down apps that has the word “mole” in it… (I have no idea why but they do…)

  4. Łukasz says:

    Well, worse case scenario is they reject it and we need to fix something they don’t like and resubmit it again. This is possible and of course will add another week (or two), but it doesn’t mean our app will be rejected forever 🙂

    Anyway – we hope today is the day you’ll be able to spend 2,99$ for this app! 🙂

  5. Dragoncool says:

    Geez just read those terms up there ^ but i bet if apple rejects it it should be right away im pretty sure they wont cause the devoplers of neuroshima hex worked really hard on this app the amazing beautiful detailed art work to the amazing exciting game play just looking at one of the devolpers playing it makes me want it now badly and the trailer is wow!but if anything happens im pretty sure there will be fans pettitioning to get the app onthe appstore:) but maybe by saturday we will get the app ohh by i cant wait to spend my itunes gift card on this i cant wait to see my money going away to this app:) i hope it will actully say “Neuroshima Hex! on the title not Neurosh…..Hex!” qnd i hate when that happens also lol i cant wait to purchase it!hurry up appstore! Lol

  6. Vernimator says:

    One thing to take into consideration is Apple’s latest announcement on use of 3rd party development tools and their review process. This may slow things down a bit.

  7. Łukasz says:

    Yeah, I hope they’re just having a good time playing the game, but can’t they just make a 5 minutes coffee break and click the ‘Approve’ button? Honestly, i have like 5 times more gray hairs because of this and I’m still before 30!

  8. Ben says:

    You know all the people at Apple are having so much fun playing Neuroshima Hex! over the last week and a half that they forgot to click the “approve” button.


  9. Frankie says:

    asdfkl;ajshfkl jahsdlfjkahdlkfhas dflkjhsdf

    ^^That’s how waiting for this makes me feel.

  10. ParmaSP says:

    nearly 10 days…. I can’t wait…..

  11. alb says:

    Don’t be sorry 😉
    It’s just hard to wait…

  12. Łukasz says:

    Nothing’s wrong with the game. We’re just waiting for Apple to approve it and it takes much longer than expected. Sorry for that :/

  13. alb says:

    what’s wrong with the game on iPhone ?
    When do you think it will be available ?

  14. Ben says:

    Awesome! Thanks for hosting such a great contest. I’m looking forward to the release and will certainly post my review and thoughts and convince a few friends to pick it up as well.

  15. Laszlo Dobcsanyi says:

    Really cool guys! I have never won before in competitions like this one.. I wa so excited about this Application, but would have never imagined that i could win! I have bought the board game version for Christmas. At the weekends we play it with my friends… and it is still the best of our boarf games! This game was a great opportunity! Thanks again! 🙂

  16. jason says:

    I just noticed the app store looks like it just got a fresh batch of games [ones released between September 01 and September 09] but no Neuroshima Hex yet 🙁

    Is it possible to give my promo code to another person? I’m happy I won, but will probably end up paying the $2.99 for it anyway! 🙂

  17. zaq says:

    Whooa! I won. Thanks for the great contest!

  18. Vuud says:

    Thanks for the great contest! I was more interested in doing the puzzle than the prize itself! Buying this app is a no-brainer

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