Neuroshima Hex is now available on the App Store

Neuroshima Hex is now available on the Apple’s App Store!

To all of you anxiously waiting for this game: it’s available NOW! Visit Apple’s App Store to access it.

So, go, go! Get to the choppa… I mean the App Store! Neuroshima Hex on the App Store!

Some of you were also asking how does Neuroshima Hex look on iPad. Here’s the answer:

Sorry for the poor sound quality, but to compensate that it’s in HD 🙂

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43 Responses to Neuroshima Hex is now available on the App Store

  1. Vernimator says:

    Excellent game!!! Loving every minute of it. When is the first DLC going to be available? 🙂

  2. Tonton says:

    planning any improvements on the map? ( didn’t see anything about it). If you’ve got some liberty of action, propose changes, in size, geometry or even neutral elements… different game modes (timer?)
    Definitly an game with potential, bringin freshness on the appstore; you get what we expect from editors.

  3. Tom says:

    The game is awesome.

    Are there any plans in the works for any type of multiplayer and an HD version for the Retina screen? Also, one suggestion. It would be nice if there was a way to have all 3 of your tiles open (before you discard) and still be able to see the entire board without having to minimize and re-open your tiles.

    Other than these 3 things, the game is PERFECT! So smooth and polished. Absolutely amazing, keep up the good work.

  4. Dafoof says:

    Nice, good to know their will be a convenient way to do it… and also that there is a workaround already. 🙂

  5. Pancho says:


    We’ll add more friendly method to undo in next releases, but currently you can to do it by trick. When you done mistake go to menu and back by Resume Game. Your last turn will be started from begin.

  6. Quijanoth says:

    Yep. Not buying it twice. Sorry. “Low price” isn’t enough motivation for me to buy an app two times. Not when I can buy a game I know has native Ipad support. Guess I’m holding until the decision on it being a Universal App is made.

  7. Dafoof says:

    Awesome game, really addictive, and beautifully implemented. Can’t wait for the extensions to come! I have one little suggestion that would benefit the game IMHO: on many occasions I have made a mistake and validated a move I didn’t wanna make, or discarded the tile I precisely wanted to keep. And when it happens, the game is pretty much ruined (especially when playing with the tougher AI)… It would be great to have an undo feature, to avoid such silly mistakes. Keep up the good work, tks!!!

  8. Łukasz says:

    Sure, we’re working on a such in-game help! It’s great you like the game!

  9. shrike71 says:

    Hi guys,

    Congrats on a fantastic game…. completely flattened my battery on the train on the way to a meeting!
    Any chance you could set up some sort of in-game “lookup” for the tiles in your tray? I.e. get the tiles instructions/directives from the tray while you play?

    Keep the goodies coming…


  10. Łukasz says:

    @Fabrice, great to hear that!
    @Templar-kun, I think Apple prohibits such things. Imagine someone having only the iPad, paying for the App just to pay for it one more time after purchasing it 🙂

  11. Fabrice says:

    Hi Guys,

    I just finished several sessions with neuroshima hex, and I have to say that your game kicks ass. The design and the reactivity of the interface is excellent. Even on an iPad, the quality is good. But I’m looking forward to the HD version and I will buy it 😉

  12. Templar-kun says:

    Congratulation on your first release!
    I bought it yesterday, and playing it till now. Great stuff!

    I know very little about iOS development, but still, here is my 2 cents: how about activating HD version for iPad through in-app purchase (from this original iPhone app)? This will make universal app and profit from HD version. Most importently will please the ones who already purchase iPhone version. (but… I fear this is somehow unlikable due iOS api restrictions…)

  13. Tytus says:

    Good point rax

  14. Łukasz says:

    Tytus, we’re still looking into pros and cons of the universal app and we haven’t decided yet. If we go for the HD version as a separate app, you’ll have to buy it again. If we choose to go universal, you’ll have it for free.

  15. Raxtich says:

    C’mon Tytus, seriously, it’s only $2.99 US. Surely you can afford to buy it twice if necessary.

    Anyway, thank you guys so much for making this App. I’ve been playing it non-stop.

  16. Tytus says:

    Quick question on the version. If I buy the iPhone version to run on the iPad, will I have to re-buy the iPad version when it comes out? (basically should I wait for the iPad version?)

  17. Pancho says:

    You understand me wrong. I didn’t mean a Move tile. I talked about a Mobility skill. Some units have possibility to move without special tile (arrow symbol on a tile). A unit marked with this symbol can move one hex and/or turn freely on the board. Maybe AI moved own tile by using this skill.

  18. Łukasz says:

    Paul, no, you can use mobility at any point of your turn.
    Send us suggestions and bug report on, don;t post them here.

  19. Paul Doherty says:

    I have a feature suggestion – when your tile display is up let the user reach above it onto the map and drag the map upwards a bit (rubberband and snap back when they let go) so they can see the tile spaces at the bottom of the board at the same time as the tiles. It gets old closing and reopening the tile display.

    Great app!

  20. Paul Doherty says:

    Wouldn’t playing a mobility tile (as well as two others) still be a bug/violation? He should never get more than 2 actions since he has to throw away the third tile, right?

  21. Łukasz says:

    Guys, if you’ll find a situation that seems to be a bug send us an e-mail describing it at:

    Don’t post it here as it makes it harder for us to keep track of all reported bugs.

  22. Pancho says:

    AI doesn’t cheat in Neuroshima Hex. We created quite high level of difficult without violate the rules. So if you had situation as you wrote above, this is a bug. But are you sure that AI played three tiles? Maybe AI used Mobility on a tile (similar visual effect to play a tile from hand). But of course everything is possible and it was a bug, which we have to find and fix it.

  23. Paul Doherty says:

    Is it just me, or does it seem lie the AI cheats sometimes? I could swear in a game just now it played two tiles and then invoked third tile (battle). That shouldn’t be possible right?

  24. Pixteca says:

    yaaayyy!!!! *runs to the iTunes store to buy it*

  25. Łukasz says:

    I’ve just sent all the promo codes to the contest winners.

  26. Andrzej says:

    Just bought it and played once. Awesome! Congrats.

  27. Łukasz says:

    Get it while it’s still hot! 🙂

    Great thanks to all of you who bought and will buy the app! We really hope you like it as much as we do.

    Those of you who have won a free promo code – I’ll send it to you in few minutes.

  28. Laszlo Dobcsanyi says:

    I was wondering when will the Promo-Code winnners get their free applications, because i would really love to get this game as soon as possible! 🙂

  29. dragoncool says:

    YES!YES!YES!*bows to the developers * THANK YOU SO MUCH IVE BEEN WAITING THE WHOLE NIGHT!!!THANK YOU!!I was the first to purchase!

  30. ParmaSP says:


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