Version 1.01 ‘Less features, more fixes’ is here

First update is available on the App Store. You should all get it, as stability and implementation of few rules have been improved.

Here’s a list of all changes:

Fixed bugs:

  • pushing disabled tile
  • AI hang-ups
  • crash when using two Medic tiles
  • some units were not attacking during battle
  • Scoper was not following the rules (now AI plays better with The Outpost)
  • AI was loosing the game in few trivial scenarios
  • sometimes the last Battle did not happen
  • ‘Battle’ text didn’t appear in few cases
  • problems with editing player’s name on the iPad
  • bad number of tiles shown in the information hex if some were left in hand on the previous turn

Added features:

  • Accept/Cancel buttons appear before starting the Battle triggered by filling up the board

As you can see it’s mostly a bug-fixing update. I took a bit longer then we expected to publish it, but that’s because Apple’s review process takes few days longer compared to what it took few weeks earlier.

Another update will bring new features like the (in)famous in-game unit info, moves undo and other cool stuff πŸ™‚

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48 Responses to Version 1.01 ‘Less features, more fixes’ is here

  1. cherdman says:

    @Ellis – Multiplayer is coming…as is a price increase. The game is on sale right now for $1.99, so you might want to rethink your stance.

  2. Ellis says:

    I want to buy this, I do. I love the board game and with how increasingly difficult it is to get friends together to play it, this seems perfect. It just lacks multiplayer. Until then, I will sit and sigh at an incomplete product.

  3. Vas FURY says:

    Hey, guys, on google I found neuroshima hex online – is this part of your development or is it separate? And also, is it actualy playable, as I was not able to find any way to actually play it on the computer… πŸ™

  4. John says:

    Cant wait for the next update. For the unit info it would be great if it was presented by simply touching a unit on the board. I can’t wait for move undo also. There have been so many times I have seen an error in my move as soon as I clicked the accept button. Thank you for an awesome game!

  5. Ian R says:

    Hi guys – thanks for the update, great implementation of the board game! It seems like the Ai is good in 1vs1 but maybe could do with some work in multi player with several AIs – are you planning to improve this at all?


  6. Łukasz says:

    @kalma – I thought you have been warned πŸ™‚
    @Larry, Chris – these and many more things are something we’ll add in the next updates, so just be patient. In-game info is a must. It’s already implemented in our development version (OK, it’s not finished as I just started to work on it today), so it will surely make it to the next update.

  7. I really love the game!
    I really really wish there was some score/skill tracking included. Record wins/loses, by specific color, vs color, etc. Online multiplayer would also be sweet. Furthermore, this would change the game a lot, but i’d love to be able to assemble decks like in Magic the Gathering – it’s a stretch here i know, but it’d be cool.

  8. Larry says:

    As another person already mentioned, please add in-game info. As a new player, it’s slow as hell really getting into the game with all the effect tiles. Also, would be cool if you added “attack coverage” shadows when placing units.

  9. kalma says:

    It’s a fantastic game, thank you! Very addictive though – better don’t start playing if you don’t have at least a few spare hours πŸ˜‰

  10. Łukasz says:

    @Vas FURY, wow, very nice of you πŸ™‚ I hope there’s more people planning their expenses just like you! πŸ˜€

  11. Vas FURY says:

    Lol @ Lukasz

    You do not sound like a TV commercial guy. I actually want to buy it for the IPAD when the Ipad version comes out, SPECIFICALLY because I believe that you guys deserve to be paid more for your hard work, rather than me trying to selfishly get a good deal now and get IPAD version for free when its out.

    So please please please hurry up and release the Ipad update!!! Customer itching to start playing πŸ™‚

  12. Łukasz says:

    @Irae, I don’t want to sound as some TV commercial guy, but when the game will have multiplayer (or even sooner, when we add retina & iPad support) it will cost more, so why not buying it now? πŸ™‚

  13. Rob G says:

    Multiplayer Pleeeease! πŸ™‚

  14. Irae says:

    Kudos for the great game!

    I saw the Ars Techinica review and I’m willing to buy it.
    But I’m afraid I’ll wait for multiplayer and gamecenter integration =)

    Keep the good work!

  15. Pancho says:

    Hard to say. We’ll be working on next update next week yet. Then it will be tests and Apple validation.

    Sleep mode will be turned off in next update. Multiplayer not in closest update.

    Yes, i know, it’s maybe confusing, but rules say:
    Situation 2) A unit with the Initiative of 3 is affected by a Saboteur (a special Outpost Module) and its Initiative is reduced by 1 (it now has the Initiative of 2). It cannot carry out any actions in phase 3. During the same phase (phase 3) the Saboteur is destroyed, and the unit’s original Initiative is restored, but phase 3 is now over and phase 2 begins, so the unit may not carry out any actions it this phase. Bad luck!”

  16. Andy says:

    Hmm – I’m still having a problem with some units not attacking. It seems to be if the Outpost Saboteur is destroyed during a battle. If I’ve an initiative 2 unit next to the saboteur (so 1, after the saboteur’s effect) and a second (ranged) initiative 2 unit destroys the saboteur, the the first unit never attacks. I’m guessing this is ‘cos it is not initiative 1 anymore – but the initiative 2 round has already happened.

  17. Kaotic85 says:

    Will You guys be adding a multiplayer function soon? also, the iPhone game does not prevent Screen Auto-Off… so the the screen turns off mid game for me… which is annoying in the 4 player game against 3 cpus

  18. kevin says:

    When is next update? est time?

  19. Lukasz says:

    Like Marek wrote above -yes. There will be more convenient access to the in-game umit info and manuals.

  20. cherdman says:

    Are there any plans for better tutorials/help in-game? Thanks!

  21. Pancho says:

    The next update will be under the slogan “Comfort and user-friendly”. You’ll find in it: in-game info about tiles, fast-switching, sleep mode disabled, user-friendly move undo, better visual effect for disabled tiles, Facebook & Twitter support, some upgrades in AI etc. etc. So I think you will be content πŸ™‚

  22. Dafoof says:

    Oh, there is still one minor (but quite annoying) issue with the game that wasn’t fixed by this patch: it doesn’t block the automatic energy saving turn-device-off thingy, which triggers in pretty much every battle when you just look at it without touching the screen. Neuroshima is the only app i’ve used so far that doesn’t avoid this, so I don’t want to change the settings just for it. I’m sure you’ll take take of this in some future release, so tks in advance! πŸ˜‰ And I must say it is great to be able to interact with the developers the way we can do on this blog!

  23. says:

    Digging this game. Would like it a lot if you could add some way to jump straight from the hand of tiles to the army info page for that tile though… not sure how to do it as tap and hold is already used for discarding, but I’m sure you’ll think of something.

  24. TheDukester says:

    Thanks for the update, guys.

    Like everyone else, I look forward to new features in the future. At the top of my list are new armies, both official (Babel 13, etc.) and maybe even unofficial or new ones (provided they are playtested, of course).

    I hope this is a LONG relationship we have.

  25. Dafoof says:

    Great to see dvp is still very much active, tks again for this wonderful implementation of a great game, hands down the best board game on the iMachines with Carcassonne!

  26. Tod1d says:

    Great game! Keep up the good work.

  27. Richard M. Low says:

    Thanks for the update! Keep up the great work! =)


  28. shpyo says:

    When do you expect add now armies? πŸ™‚

  29. KitKeat says:

    thanks for the pleasant update. i’m still new to this game but seeing how i love TCG and boardgames in general. (not family type but more towards sci-fi, horror, adventure-themed), Neuroshima hex is a pleasant discovery!

    keep up the good work and please release the in game unit info patch as soon as possible. ^^ that is a big big help and would hopefully encourage more beginners to pick this one up if they’re on the fence…


  30. Chun ping says:

    Thanks for the fixes!! Can’t wait for more features such as online play and team matches in pass and play!!

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