Weekend before Essen price drop!

Between 21st and 24th October the world’s biggest board game fair takes place at Essen, Germany. We’re going to visit Essen to check out what’s new and what’s to come. We’re sure many of you will also be there as there’s many hardcore board gamers among Neuroshima Hex fans 🙂

We’re sure you’re planing your expenses more precise now, because you’re waiting for some new games to show up, so we want to make planning those expenses a bit easier. We’re dropping Neuroshima Hex price for this weekend by 33% and we hope that those who still didn’t get the game won’t have any hesitation now 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

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14 Responses to Weekend before Essen price drop!

  1. 9565cv says:

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  3. Łukasz says:

    Thanks Tom! Great to read that! 🙂 And over 250 games? Jeez 🙂
    Timeframe for the Retina and Multiplayer releases is not yet known. As for now we’re just starting to work on it, so it’s hard to estimate it now.

  4. Tom says:

    also, anyone complaining about the price of the game @ $2.99 is out of their bleeping mind.

    I have played this (single player or pass & play) well over 250 times since its release. It is an INCREDIBLY well designed game and is easily worth 3 times what they are charging.

    $1.99 was an absolute STEAL.

    Ignore the haters. This app is amazing and you should be applauding yourself. I hope you’re making a killing 🙂

  5. Tom says:

    Any ideas as to the timeframe for the retina / multiplayer update?

  6. Łukasz says:

    @Jason, long time no see 🙂 We’ll check out this new cool tablet, as we’re considering porting our stuff also to Android, but that’s not our highest priority. Right now we’re targeting only the iOS platforms.

  7. jason says:

    Have absolutely enjoyed this application on the ipod touch, but am moving away soon to a new platform.

    The new platform is notion ink’s Adam tablet slated for a release possibly in the 2010 holiday season.

    I know you have frowned upon the android market as a haven for piracy, but the Adam will have it’s own app store that could be a solid base for the neuroshima hex application. Several of the adam’s features (including a swivel cam) could be utilized to allow users to “import” boards they own for the actual board game into the application.

    As an example of a business who feels the Adam is a sound platform, LongBox Digital is partnering with Adam to supply comics to the tablet.

    Please have a look into this potential avenue of business, as I have enjoyed your app immensely on the ipod touch and would love to see Adam users enjoy it as well!

    Your application was so well designed that I hope you’ll give some thought to helping the Adam’s eco system grow!

  8. Łukasz says:

    Sorry for not responding, but we where really busy at Essen.
    All the new armies will be added as in-app purchases. Online multiplayer will also be added.
    As for the price drop – if you missed an opportunity to get the app cheaper, you may as well get in now, because the price will be 4,99$ when we add iPad and Retina support, so you’re saving two buck anyway 🙂

  9. Sitting DUcK says:

    Hey there!

    I stumbled upon the game (Hardware-Version) this weekend in Essen – found out just now, that there’s a partial (multi- and expansion-updates planned?) adaptation for the iphone. But for the love of god: why did you reduce the price one week _before_ Essen and not during Essen? I’m no Pro but i think the sales-chart of this app shows that you need better PR guys! and seriously: consider to lower the price – you would sell much more units, have a better turnaround. Maybe sell expansions as in-app-purchase. I liked the board-game from what i saw (didnt have too much time with it though…) but at the price i will not jump ship until there’s at least multiplayer on board…

  10. Decubitus says:

    I’d buy this game anyway, but why this reduction is not effective also in the european AppStore ? :/

  11. Yannick says:

    Great game! Really good job.

    could be complete though:

    Please incorporate all of the Neuroshima stuff into this game like babel 13 like terrain tiles and such to get a deper play variety (ALL THE GOODIES PLZ) and this game will be incredible.

    Hope to get addons in some update soon.

    Thanks and again, good job.

  12. Eddie says:

    Not much publicity around this price drop made me miss the opportunity… maybe you should make it a full-week price drop next time ? And send some announcements to the bigger gaming sites like Pocket Gamer, Touch Arcade, App Spy etc ?
    Thanks !

  13. Tom says:


    Much <3 You guys have created an unbelievable game. I wouldn't be surprised if I have played over 250 games.

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