Version 1.10 ‘Built for comfort’ is about to hit App Store

It was a bit quiet in here. Until now. We’ve just prepared, tested and sent to App Store the newest version of Neuroshima Hex – 1.10 ‘Built for comfort’.

What’s new in this version? Well, here’s a short list of the things soon to come:

  • easily accessible in-game unit information panel, manual and undo button
  • visualization of disabled/netted units and modules taken over by The Outpost’s Scoper
  • support for multitasking and fast-switching
  • screen does not go dark when the battle is on
  • posting your score on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • ‘AI thinking…’ message shown in the corresponding AI’s color
  • News & Version Info view added (accessible from menu)

And the fixed bugs (of course):

  • game used to crash when entering the menu just after battle was started
  • AI used to use Battle instant tile on the final turn, which is against the rules
  • AI used to discard one of its last two tiles (or its last tile) when it didn’t really have to
  • AI’s logic preventing valuable units from being discarded used to stop working after reusing the game
  • AI used to start battle when it was only loosing points on it
  • better usage of special units like Moloch’s The Clown, Borgo’s Net Fighter and The Hegemony’s Transport by AI
  • better usage of Net Fighters by AI (i.e. it doesn’t try to net already netted units)
  • better usage of instant Move tiles by AI when playing The Outpost (it doesn’t do unnecessary moves any more)
  • AI discards Battle instant tiles more often when playing or keeping them is a poor choice

OK, that was a lie – this is not a short list. This list is HUGE! We really put a lot of effort into making this version and we really hope you’ll like it!

Taking the opportunity we’d like to thank all of you who wrote us e-mails with bug reports and feature requests. That’s the feedback we need and we hope you won’t stop giving it. We’re counting for even more e-mails with your ideas!

Stay tuned for the new version!

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13 Responses to Version 1.10 ‘Built for comfort’ is about to hit App Store

  1. Dafoof says:

    Awesome!!! Tks a lot guys for the updates, you rock!

  2. Espekayen says:

    This is a great update. All we need now is online multiplayer and it will be perfect.

  3. Łukasz says:

    That was supposed to be a surprise! 😀

  4. Ender says:

    Yay, 1.10 is available in the AppStore, thank you guys!

  5. Ben says:

    @Gh075t – Hell, the promise of a Universal iPad app has sold me on buying an iPad 🙂

  6. Gh075t says:

    Just grabbed the app, combination of sale plus promised universal update finally convinced me to buy. Love the implementation but it’s screaming for online multiplayer! Keep up the good work.

  7. dishwasherlove says:

    Congrats guys, it’s a really solid app.

  8. Thomas says:


    now the moloch will be even deadlier! very cool

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  10. Bk says:

    Agreed – bring on the multiplayer. :-))

  11. dragoncool says:

    :/ awh all you guys are missing is game center :/

  12. Not a Cylon says:

    So wait, does this mean you’ve submitted it to Apple (i.e. I can grab it in 1-3 weeks), or that it’s passed Apple testing and will be up any minute?

    In other words, what does “about to” mean? 🙂

    Either way, looking forward to it 😀 Thanks!

    (Are you planning to add more state indicators to tiles? Being able to see each unit’s effective initiative(s) would be a major help … attack bonuses might be nice to see, too, but less important.)

  13. Ender says:

    Sounds like fun – can’t wait to have the updated version on my iPhone.

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