Version 1.10 ‘Built for comfort’ is out

Long awaited version of Neuroshima Hex is now ready for download!

Apple approved this version in just 5 days, which is a new personal best for us 🙂 What is this update mainly about? Well, many of you suggested us that the game is lacking some features, tools or functionality to ease the learning for new players. That’s one thing we had in mind when working on this update. We add in-game unit info and manual + an undo button allowing you to save the day when you made a bad move. Another one is the AI, which should be now better in 3 and 4 player games and is also tweaked to be even better (and we think it really was really challenging even before) in one-on-one mode. And of course many, many others 🙂

Here’s an extremely long list of the things we did in this version:

  • easily accessible in-game unit information panel, manual and undo button
  • visualization of disabled/netted units and modules taken over by The Outpost’s Scoper
  • support for multitasking and fast-switching
  • screen does not go dark when the battle is on
  • posting your score on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • ‘AI thinking…’ message shown in the corresponding AI’s color
  • News & Version Info view added (accessible from menu)

And the fixed bugs (of course):

  • game used to crash when entering the menu just after battle was started
  • AI used Battle instant tile on the final turn, which is against the rules
  • AI discarded one of its last two tiles (or its last tile) when it didn’t really have to
  • AI’s logic preventing valuable units from being discarded used to stop working after reusing the game
  • AI sometimes started battle when it was only loosing points on it
  • better usage of special units like Moloch’s The Clown, Borgo’s Net Fighter and The Hegemony’s Transport by AI
  • better usage of Net Fighters by AI (i.e. it doesn’t try to net already netted units)
  • better usage of instant Move tiles by AI when playing The Outpost (it doesn’t do unnecessary moves any more)
  • AI discards Battle instant tiles more often when playing or keeping them is a poor choice

I guess there’s nothing more left to say except ‘bon appétit’ 🙂

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13 Responses to Version 1.10 ‘Built for comfort’ is out

  1. Suikostinger says:

    Nice fast response!! I was expecting a response at least a week later. The bar is hard to see, especially considering I haven’t played it much because I don’t know the units. Looks like it’s time for me to start playing!! Nice fast response!!! Thanks!

  2. Łukasz says:

    On the right side of the screen you can find a yellow-black small bar. Tap it to reveal the toolbox. There you can tap an ‘i’ button which will turn the info mode and allow you to tap every tile on board and in your hand to display their description.

  3. Suikostinger says:

    I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE. Is there anywhere I can go to find exactly what the units and tiles do until I learn them? I want to find a website so I can look at what the units do without having to pause the game and going to the menus and seeing what they do.

  4. Łukasz says:

    We’re working on it. Should be fixed in next release.

  5. shpyo says:

    There is still one big fuckup. AI still can throw “battle” in final round while I can’t… so WTF? :/

  6. dragoncool says:

    it is very awesome i didn’t like it I LOVE IT! keep up the good work guys cant wait to see what’s next!

  7. Łukasz says:

    @christian, @Ben – great you like the new features 🙂
    @dragoncool – I see you did like the new trailer video 🙂
    @jamie – wow, that’s great! only 0.3 lower than Small World 🙂

  8. jamie says:

    Great, looking to be addicted all over again.

    Just so you know, Neuroshima is currently ranked 2nd overall at my site

    I’d encourage readers to go vote it up if they’d like to see it at number 1!

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  10. dragoncool says:

    awhh that’s cool it looks like story mode or something!totally awesome i hope their will be a campaign feature along with the multiplayer soon.

  11. Ben says:

    Holy crap, that fast app switching is the fastest I have ever seen! Four hours later, I tap the NS Hex icon and BOOM! its there! I wish all my apps worked that fast!

  12. christian says:

    Nice video. 🙂

    Thanks for the info mode, it’s a great help for a casual player like me.

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