Neuroshima Hex Lite! Out now!

We received a lot of requests for Neuroshima Hex Lite – a free version of Neuroshima Hex for people who want to test the game before buying it. Well, it sounds like a fair deal, so here it is 🙂

Neuroshima Hex Lite is a fully functional version of Neuroshima Hex except one thing – you are only limited to play with Borgo against Hegemony controlled by AI on Easy. This is basically what we think most of you guys do, when launching the game for the first time just to test it. After testing it, you are only one tap away from getting the full Neuroshima Hex version – you simply need to use the ‘Get Full Version’ button in the menu.

Everything you will see in the Lite version is also a part of the full version – Twitter and Facebook integration, army browser and later iPad and Retina support. So tell your friends who still hesitate that they are now free to test Neuroshima Hex… for free!

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  2. Jestem bardzo pozytywnie zaskoczona tą www. Mnogość informacji przejrzyście podanych sprawiają że będę tutaj stałym gościem. Tak trzymać. Sabina z

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  4. Ender says:

    Great idea, now people who are not sure if they wanna spend some of their hard earned money have the chance to find out and test it for free. I’m sure this will bring more and more purchases of this awesome game.

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