Neuroshima Hex 1.20 sneak peak

For about 4 weeks we were working on the next update on Neuroshima Hex. It’s not finished yet and some things are not even implemented, but we’d like to show you a few screenshots / work in progress / concepts of what is about to hit the App Store next year 🙂

For those of you who still do not know starting from the version 1.20 Neuroshima Hex price is going up to 4,99$. From this version Neuroshima Hex will be an universal app, which means it will have a native iPad resolution support. We’re also not forgetting about iPhone / iPod Touch 4 owners, so Neuroshima Hex 1.20 will come with Retina resolution graphics made especially for those lucky people 🙂 And last but not least is the Game Center support, which means Achievements and Leaderboards.

All of this is coming at the beginning of next year, but if you want to save few bucks you can buy Neuroshima Hex now for just 2,99$ or test it using free Neuroshima Hex Lite.

Now, few Retina screen shots to show you what this game is going to look like on iPhone / iPod Touch 4 (click to enlarge):

Army viewer

Unit viewer

Game view

And two more iPad Work-In-Progress graphics:

Game view

Unit info mode

Be sure to let us know what you think about those graphics!

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26 Responses to Neuroshima Hex 1.20 sneak peak

  1. Mattias says:

    Yeah, its a great game but been collecting dust for months now since no multiplayer. I know at least 5 people who I will get to buy it once it has multiplayer. Well, back to Carcasonne. Later

  2. gAMY says:

    i don’t know why others are shy to say it:
    it’s a pretty big disappointment to see another update without (even mention of) multiplayer – since let’s be honest this is the only way this game makes sense to play…!!!
    but at the same time i wonder why you don’t realize that the way you approach this costs you alot of money. make this online multi and it will fly of the shelves…!
    how long do we still have to wait for this essential feature???

  3. gamov says:

    online multiplayer is where you should put your attention first, before any other features, especially an iPad port. You should follow Carcassonne development roadmap.

  4. Adam says:

    Great game, although I really hope online multiplayer comes before anything else. This is the key feature for replayability and really what makes a game take off. I played this during Christmas week but now it’s just sitting on my idevice gathering dust, taking a back seat to the games I can play my friends with online.

  5. Eric says:

    Love the game, in fact it is my favorite 2 player game atm. Two suggestions:

    1. Sometimes the AI does not seem to take into account initiative buffs and places units in odd spots in a 1 vs computer matchup (maybe more just noticed that).

    2. It would be nice to be able to select a random army on a custom game when you are playing other human opponents.

    Thanks for the game and I hope you keep updating it!

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  7. Edz says:

    Thanks for keeping up with the update guys!! I just want to add another voice that I’m too can’t wait for the expansion armies to be implemented as IAP 😀

  8. Grahamcoxon says:

    Hello ! That s a good new ! For me, the is one thing missing : a bigger warfield ( like the big boargame in the real game) for a 2 player game the actual board is ok. But for a 3 or 4 players gamers it is too small and you can not tale profit of distance units ! Please think at that ! ( sorry for my poor english)

  9. Cemir says:

    Thanks for the update,

    I realy miss the “SMART” army

  10. John says:

    I would also like more armies as an in app purchase. I am so used to the existing armies that I would like some more variation.

    Play by turn like words for friends and/or live Internet support would also be great as then I would be able to play with my friends and not have to rely on the AI.

    I can’t wait for the iPad AMD retina resolution update.

    Great game. Keep up the great work!

  11. Richard M. Low says:

    This looks great!!

  12. hexablokks says:

    Indeed, it’s always tricky to change and risk making it too broken, especially that the game has been there for long.

    Additional armies sounds great, we’ll be waiting for that! Thanks for the reply!

  13. Łukasz says:

    Great you like the game. Also thanks for posting an entry on your blog.

    As for the expansions/customizations we’re planing to add additional armies as in-app purchases. Changing the existing armies would be possible to add, but after playing this game for a long time I don’t think it would be easy to make it balanced that way. And having an unbalanced game would cause it not to be fair anymore.

    There is a unit info button you can use while playing. To use it just tap the black/yellow button with a white arrow on the right side of the screen. A ‘Toolbox’ view will appear and there’s a ‘i’ icon. After tapping this one you’ll be able to tap units on the board and display information about them. Other Toolbox buttons allow you to access the manual and undo your moves.

  14. hexablokks says:

    Having a blast with the game. Although I am new to the Neuroshima Hex, it didn’t take me long to get a grip of the mechanics as I am an avid fan of various card and board games.

    The only thing I’d like to see is some customization, although I am not sure that it’s possible since the game is made that way with pre-selected units and tiles? I was thinking of expansions such as variations of units and tiles to tweak each army and take different strategies as well.

    Another suggestion I would like to add is maybe making more visual aids of rules mechanics. I have some people try it and complain that it’s just too complicated since they aren’t familiar with other strategy and board games but would like to try some in iOS devices.

    To seasoned strategy/board game players, it will be easier, but for those casual gamers, they are oftentimes swamped with the complexity. More visual aids like the in-game video could make it easier and compelling for them.

    Any plans on expansions? More armies and tiles? Graphics are great and controls are snappy. Well worth it for the price. People are always willing to buy if the app is great such as yours. Keep it up! Hoping to see more updates!

  15. Łukasz says:

    As Ender said, we’re thinking about IAP for the additional armies. We’re give you more details after this release.

  16. Ender says:

    Cemir, if I remember it right from one of the app forums, those armies can be implemented as an Inn-App Purchase.

  17. Cemir says:

    can’t wait, I realy need the ipad support 🙂

    however, do you plan to include the 4 armies from the board game extensions?

  18. Kribbit says:

    Wish you would think about Android. More money to be made there

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  20. Ender says:

    Retina Display screenshots looks awesome, and an iPad version have a very nice GUI. This will be a huge update!

  21. shpyo says:

    Can’t wait this update. When do you want to add new armies and new types of game modes? 🙂

  22. Tod1d says:

    Keep up the great work! I am looking forward to the retina display update.

  23. Ben says:

    You guys are making the wait for iPad2 even more unbearable!

  24. Djpszczol says:

    Yeah, it’s gonna be great to play it in hd on iPad , can’t wait !

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  26. Tom says:


    Can’t wait!

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