The Magnificent Three – iPad, Retina & Game Center

Recently we were working on another update of Neuroshima Hex. It’s now officially ready and was sent to Apple for approval. It’s now officially ready for D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D! Exactly 50 hours – that little time it took Apple to review this update!

This version is a feature-rich one. First of all, we made Neuroshima Hex an universal app. This means all iPad owners who already bought the game may now launch it on their iPads and enjoy the native, full screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels! We also changed the UIs design to make it more “iPadish”, so now you’ll have easier access to all in-game features like in-game help view (embedded in Popover view!), manual and undo. And to make it even more fun when playing against your friend, you can now put the iPad between both of you and use the button with both arrows to flip the screen, so everyone will see the board with correct orientation on his or her turn!

iPad UI with statistics view expanded

iPad UI with statistics view expanded

Another this we added is the Retina Display support. We’re aware that many of you have new iPhones and iPod Touches with cool 960 x 640 pixels resolution. To let those of you to enjoy playing Neuroshima Hex even more we prepared special set of graphics and made every element of NS Hex’s UI to look great at this resolution.

Battle's score

Battle's score

And last but not least is the Game Center support! Starting from version 1.2 all of your battles fought against AI opponents will be awarded with points and will accumulate in 3 different leaderboards made to hold points from fighting three different AI’s difficulty levels. Oh, and you’ll get bonus points for making additional carnage.
Together with access to leaderboards you’ll also get 54 new achievements to gain! Those are awarded for various kinds of destruction and more you cause, the better the achievement you get. Every achievement is also awarded with points and there’s exactly 529 points to earn!

Game Center achievements

Game Center achievements

So that’s what we call a feature-rich update 🙂 Keeps your fingers crossed while waiting for this update to become available. Oh, and one more thing. Go and download it if you didn’t do so already! The price goes up starting from day one of this update and it will be is 4,99$, so if you want to save few bucks, you can buy it now for 2,99$ and have the free update in few days.

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45 Responses to The Magnificent Three – iPad, Retina & Game Center

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  3. Janet says:

    So I see the new armies are out. I’m a little iffy as to if I want to buy them since I already paid almost $10 for both the NSH app and the NSH Puzzle app. But what I’m really looking forward to is online multiplayer. Playing against AIs is only interesting for so long and a variety of opponents would make this came much more replayable and fun. If online multiplayer is added, I will buy the new army sets.

    Great game but it does get stale with just AIs to play against.

  4. Beej27 says:

    I think that more armies are a great idea, although I couldn’t say if I’d rather have them or multiplayer. I agree that there is a scoring bug – often my kills don’t seem to be scored at the end. I think this is really a great game, but how long has it been out as an app? I’m guessing not very long, seeing as there have only been three updates, but after that time, I am disappointed that there aren’t any of the game extensions like Duel available.
    Please keep updating this great game!

  5. David Wilson says:

    There is definitely a scoring bug on the iPad version. All of the enemy units and modules destroyed are not being recorded. I also have the game on my iPhone and the scoring works fine on it. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app on my iPad and this did not have any effect on the scoring bug. Great game otherwise. I am looking forward to the new factions and online multiplayer.

  6. death wish says:

    how much is each army gunna cost and when are they gunna come out?

  7. JOE215 says:

    Huge fan of this app — cannot wait for the new armies! Hopefully it’s all four, I’m especially looking forward to the Neojungle set.

  8. Edward says:

    hell yeah, I can’t wait for the new armies as well!!

    Btw, how many new armies will that be on the next update? 2 or the whole 4??

  9. Krzysztof says:

    Can I expect all the content of the Babel 13 and the Duel extensions as in-app purchases in the future?

    I’d be very glad to support Your team and extend my game this way.

  10. Michael says:

    Really seems like the AI is rigged to gang up on the player in 3 army or 4 army modes. This results in AI with no sense of self-preservation and very little logic (one army will have 16 HP, but everyone will continue playing new tiles on me at 6 HP for example). It’s very frustrating, especially with the lack of network play. A little bloodlust makes sense, but keep it reasonable.

  11. Not a Cylon says:

    Yay! Great to hear about the new armies.

    Also, to the multiplayer-now-now-now crowd: I’m just guessing, but it seems like adding new armies is likely to be much easier than adding networked multiplayer. That’s a whole new level of complexity … so let them pick the low-hanging fruit first 🙂

    Besides, the new armies will be a well-deserved second revenue stream, no? Can’t blame them for prioritizing that 😀

  12. Łukasz says:

    We’re already half way through of new armies implementation, so this is what will come before multilayer. But of course we will add multilayer as the next update, so there’s really nothing to worry about 🙂

  13. TheDukester says:

    Great post, Qayin.

    You’ve nailed it: the multiplayer crowd is very vocal, but many of them just add “Multiplayer now!” to every thread at every site they can find. Most of it amounts to a lot of noise from the same small group of people.

    For NH, new armies and the continued improvement/refinement of the AI are FAR, FAR more important features. It’s not even close. Plus, multiplayer WILL be coming, according to the developers, so it’s just a matter of having a little patience.

    Most players would much rather have a strong FTF experience and a solid AI for when no live, human foe is available. Playing strangers on the internet is fine for what it is, but it’s the most shallow of the possible experiences.

  14. Qayin says:

    Dear friends,

    NSH allows us to play with friends in the hot-seat mode. It’s very enjoyable and great fun. That is how many of us (it is NSH players) play the game. Nothing compares to real opponent who’s just cursing you while you put you net on his base. What I mean is that the greatest multiplayer mode is already there and is called pass-n-play. I’m writing about that to back up the idea that new armies (maybe also different rules and different shape play-boards) are really good move and indeed many, many people are waiting for some new stuff in the game and don’t really care about playing thru internet the same (very excellent and exciting) ‘old’ game.

    Don’t be misdirected by publication bias. Of course people who are waiting don’t post anything cause they know they will get what they need soon. People who wants multiplayer are the only who post comments, therefore it looks like there is greater demand for multiplayer. It isn’t.

    What is more. NSH (as they promise) will be multilayer. Just wait!

    By the way I’m very excited about that whole idea of 3 other titles in the NS realm.
    Can we, fans, get any sneak peak from you?

    Great job guys!

    Keep up with good work,


  15. avr says:

    Multiplayer first, new armies later, please.

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