The Magnificent Three – iPad, Retina & Game Center

Recently we were working on another update of Neuroshima Hex. It’s now officially ready and was sent to Apple for approval. It’s now officially ready for D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D! Exactly 50 hours – that little time it took Apple to review this update!

This version is a feature-rich one. First of all, we made Neuroshima Hex an universal app. This means all iPad owners who already bought the game may now launch it on their iPads and enjoy the native, full screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels! We also changed the UIs design to make it more “iPadish”, so now you’ll have easier access to all in-game features like in-game help view (embedded in Popover view!), manual and undo. And to make it even more fun when playing against your friend, you can now put the iPad between both of you and use the button with both arrows to flip the screen, so everyone will see the board with correct orientation on his or her turn!

iPad UI with statistics view expanded

iPad UI with statistics view expanded

Another this we added is the Retina Display support. We’re aware that many of you have new iPhones and iPod Touches with cool 960 x 640 pixels resolution. To let those of you to enjoy playing Neuroshima Hex even more we prepared special set of graphics and made every element of NS Hex’s UI to look great at this resolution.

Battle's score

Battle's score

And last but not least is the Game Center support! Starting from version 1.2 all of your battles fought against AI opponents will be awarded with points and will accumulate in 3 different leaderboards made to hold points from fighting three different AI’s difficulty levels. Oh, and you’ll get bonus points for making additional carnage.
Together with access to leaderboards you’ll also get 54 new achievements to gain! Those are awarded for various kinds of destruction and more you cause, the better the achievement you get. Every achievement is also awarded with points and there’s exactly 529 points to earn!

Game Center achievements

Game Center achievements

So that’s what we call a feature-rich update 🙂 Keeps your fingers crossed while waiting for this update to become available. Oh, and one more thing. Go and download it if you didn’t do so already! The price goes up starting from day one of this update and it will be is 4,99$, so if you want to save few bucks, you can buy it now for 2,99$ and have the free update in few days.

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45 Responses to The Magnificent Three – iPad, Retina & Game Center

  1. mat says:

    “We just feel like it would be even more fun for people to have some more variety when playing multiplayer, so we want to add new armies first.”
    wrong wrong wrong! please, multiplayer first.

  2. plz add multiplayer mode!! i mean online multiplayer and maybe if u win some games win some new tiles that will be awesoooooooooooooome!!!

  3. Thanks for the awesome game guys. Perfect marketing with the Lite version and you’ve created a masterful app.

    I have to agree with the others, if there is any way you can work on the multiplayer before adding new armies that would be way better. We love the diversity of the game as it already exists, what we want is diversity of opponents.

    I’ll try multiplayer when it’s ready though, I already bought and love the game with or without it, and I can play with friends on my iPad, so it just means we actually have to go out in the world to find someone to play against.

    P.S. You should update WordPress for security reasons.

  4. Łukasz says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of comments! 😀

    First of all, thank you all for supporting us and buying the game. This lets us add even more features to it.

    As for the people encountering strange bugs that are slowing down their devices (mostly iPads) – please try to reboot. We never had any # performance problems on iPad or anything from iPhone 3Gs and above. The other bugs are something we try to find and those should be fixed in the next release.

    Now, multiplayer. Everybody asks about it and as we promised earlier – we want to add it. We just feel like it would be even more fun for people to have some more variety when playing multiplayer, so we want to add new armies first. After those we’ll start working on multiplayer. So please, be a little more patient and you’ll have a possibility to play online with your friends 🙂

  5. Allen says:

    I absolutely love the game, the 1.2 update has given a huge boost to my enjoyment of the game too. Great work!

  6. Not a Cylon says:

    (Oh! One more thing — you guys should update the FAQ. You don’t need to make promises about iPad/Retina support anymore 🙂 )

  7. Not a Cylon says:

    @Zach: Oh, yes, I’ve noticed that issue with the Move tile. Keep forgetting to mention it:

    Specifically, sometimes I’ll drag the Move tile and the screen doesn’t darken as usual; then when I drop it on the desired unit, I hear the “tile being lifted” sound but the tile doesn’t actually lift and I can’t move it. Sometimes after several attempts the game crashes; then if I go back in and resume the game it works fine. Before it crashes, if I preemptively force-quit it (go to the Home screen, bring up the recent apps, tap-and-hold on an icon, then tap the minus over NH), then run it and resume the game, this also works. But merely switching to another app and back doesn’t cut it.

    I don’t know what triggers this (besides that it only happens with Move), but I’m pretty sure it’s only happened when I’ve played Outpost. (But that could just be because The Outpost gets so frigging many Move tiles 🙂 )

  8. Not a Cylon says:

    Awesome stuff this release! Just a few issues with the (very cool) new game summary screen:

    Sometimes I’m shown to have destroyed no units or modules at all; I think this has to do with whether I switched to another app or put the iPad to sleep during gameplay. Haven’t tested this in earnest, though.

    Also, I wish the scoring screen would leave the original values there rather than subtract them out in place (maybe add a third column for the difference?). The fun thing about game summary screens isn’t just about the final score, it’s about knowing *just how much ass you kicked* in glorious numerical detail 😀 (In that vain, it’d be fun to see stats for other players, too (like the Starcraft game summary screen), though of course screen real estate is an issue.)

    Anyway, thanks much for your work. Leaderboards and achievements alone have re-stoked my NH habit, and now I’m *itching* for the new armies, too 🙂

    (BTW, I don’t see NH in the listings for Game Center apps in the App Store; dunno if there’s just some lag time, just wanted to make sure you weren’t getting deprived of some richly deserved publicity 🙂 )

  9. Zach says:

    Thanks for the response, Dukester. I do suppose it’s possible that it’s my device but the thing is the game ran flawlessly – exactly as you describe it – literally moments before, when I was playing pre-Retina upgrade. As soon as the upgrade took effect I noticed the issues I described, so I’m still attributing them to the upgrade.

    Ah well, still love the game and will still play endlessly, just was curious if I was alone in my dilemmas – seems that I might be!

  10. Vuud says:

    Neuroshima Hex was not launched for a long time on my iPhone simply because of the lack of multiplayer. No AI can even come close to the skill level of an human player.

  11. TheDukester says:

    Zach, I’ve got to say my experience has been the opposite. NH is running at screaming fast speed on my iPad, even with a four-army battle on the hard setting.

    Lag? Not seeing it. Bugs? Where? And the scoring works just fine, although it appears most people don’t have an intuitive grasp of it (it IS a bit wonky, IMO).

    Sorry, but I’m wondering if your experience is more from your device than the game …

  12. Zach says:

    Just let me say first that I love NH and it’s probably my most used app.

    However, this update is pretty buggy in comparison to previous updates and I’m surprised that only one person has mentioned it here. Tiles don’t work properly (move tiles specifically) at times and the lag is infuriating, esp. when playing a four-player game; sometimes 10 seconds or more will pass between a battle tile being played and the battle actually beginning. It’s especially noticeable because there was no lag at all in the previous update. I’m left wishing I hadn’t updated, because even the scoring stats (the major change in this edition besides graphic improvements) don’t work properly.

    Has anyone else noticed these issues?

  13. Jake says:

    Great update!! I really liked the game before and the retina graphics make it look so much better.

    I have a question about the scoring at the end of each round, it seems like its not calculating correctly. I think you get points for a category if you first win the game, and second score higher then the opponent in the category. Is that correct?

    I kept track of the stats for my last game and I destroyed 7 enemy modules vs 1 of mine lost. According to the scoring it said I destroyed 0 enemy modules so I didn’t get any points for that category. I also destroyed 9 enemy units vs 6 of mine lost, but it said I had 1 more net loss (didn’t catch the details) so I didn’t get any points for that either.

    Am I missing something?

  14. Don says:

    This was definitely a great update. I’m looking forward to the additional armies and multiplayer.

    So…these new games you’re working on: it would be really, really awesome if Z-man gave you Agricola to work on…eh? …eh??

  15. Nonomori says:

    This is great update!!! Now I’m waiting for online multiplayer.

  16. Ender says:

    Retina Display on my iPhone 4 looks awesome! I didn’t know it will be that much of a difference from the previous one. Can’t wait to have a chance of playing with my friends on the iPad, this one really looks promising.

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  18. Another guy says:

    Your game is fantastic. I agree completely with Synozeer and the others that multiplayer should be your next priority. Once you add multiplayer, all of us NS Hex addicts will be begging everyone we know to get the game. Imagine what that’d do to your sales, and, hopefully, help fund your efforts to offer expansions, and put the same great quality into your other projects.

    Anything you make is looking like pretty much a must-buy for me now. That’d include expansions. Eventually though, just like playing against the computer over and over now is gradually losing its appeal, using the expansions against the computer would also get boring. Doing multiplayer would mean anything you make would be a must-buy for me AND all of my friends with iOS devices. That’s a very big difference.

  19. Synozeer says:

    Guys, I love this game, but PLEASE put out multiplayer first. There’s only so many times a person can play against the computer before getting bored. The whole point (and original concept) of this and other board games is to play against other people. Multiplayer is what will sell more copies of this app. I have a whole group of people I play multiplayer games with on the iphone/ipad just waiting for the “next” multiplayer strategy game to buy.

  20. Phreakyhamster says:


    Very nice update! I really like the leaderbord and achievements. That makes it even more addictive 😉

    What I wanted to say was that I saw a lot of ‘bugs’ today. HQ’s that don’t do anything, units that don’t die, etc. etc. Will there be new updates? Is it correct that I it are bugs? Before this update I didn’t notice anything!

    Grtz and keep up the good work! (will there be apps for 51st state? Stronghold? ;))


  21. TheDukester says:

    Multiplayer would certainly be an interesting feature, but to say there’s “no reason to play” NH is not only patently false, short-sighted, misinformed, and typical internet bluster, it’s also downright rude to make such a claim on the developers’ site.

    Save that level of nonsense for Touch Arcade and the other internet echo chambers.

  22. A guy says:

    For the love of Flying Spaghetti Monster, just put out multiplayer, Forget new armies, forget leaderboards, put out multiplayer so there’s actually a reason to play this game.

  23. Łukasz says:

    Thanks, guys. We really appreciate your support.
    Just to answer your questions/comments.
    Chris, thank you for this extensive comment. We’ll fix the spelling mistake and think about changing the column titles in the table you mentioned.
    Melm & Graham, before multiplayer we plan to add new armies as IAP. And the board is going to be the same on iPad as on the iPhone, we can’t change that as it would affect gameplay and rules balance.
    Dragoncool, yes – we are 🙂 In fact, we’re doing it in parallel to making NS Hex updates. We’re currently working on three (yep, you heard me right) new titles and hopefully we’ll be able to give you some more information about that on our new company’s page which should be up and running next week.
    So stay tuned and once more thank you for supporting us and buying the game!

  24. dragoncool says:

    thats a huge update 😀 it looks great i cannot wait!!!hopefully tomorrow it will be updated:D!

    congrats guys!

    are you guys planning to make anymore games:D? if so that would be awesome like a spinoff:]

  25. Richard M. Low says:

    Great job on the update! I’ll continue to support your game (current and future), along with add-ons. =)
    Keep up the excellent work!

  26. TheDukester says:

    Wow, what a fantastic update. An already great title just got even better.

    I’m more excited about the GameCenter stuff than I thought I’d be. But now that I’ve seen how it will work, I really want to go after some of those achievements. Woot!

    Excellent job, guys.

  27. Grahamcoxon says:

    Great ! Thank you ! Will there be a bigger battleground on iPad ? It is quite small fort 4 players ?

    I am happy but like others still wait for the online multiplayer mode ! It is really what the game miss the more. Can you tell us how long we will have to wait for it ? Thx Lukaz !


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  29. Melm says:

    Great news indeed!

    Now if you’ll put all your energy into multiplayer over the Internet, you will be my heroes!

  30. Chris from Canada says:

    I am very excited for this update. Thanks for making one of the best looking, most polished strategy games on the app store. Carcassonne is the only game that I think comes close, but it is not as fun as your game.

    I hope you guys are having success and will be able to work on the app for a long time to come.

    I have some comments:

    Achievements (based on screenshot):

    1) Moloch Anihilated should be spelled “Moloch Annihilated”

    2) “Smart Guy” and “Clever man” may enhance the stereotype that this game is targeted only for men.

    Victory Points (based on screenshot):

    The summary screen of victory points is very confusing because of the way the table is organized. If I took 10 hit points away from the enemy HQ, I did not destroy 10 enemies. But the column is called “Enemies destroyed”.

    My opinion is that this screen should show up to 4 columns, 1 column for each player (including CPU). You can show how many units/modules/HQs/hit points each player has “scored”, and show their total score. Then you just apply the scores to each player’s ELO. It would be nice if the computer had an ELO too so that we can compare our skill level to the skill level of the CPU (easy, medium, hard).

    Wdzięczności za wielką grę !!!

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