Neuroshima Hex Puzzle

A quick but very important announcement for Neuroshima Hex fans. New, Neuroshima Hex based game is coming to AppStore in March.

Neuroshima Hex Puzzle is a campaign game where you face 100 precisely crafted scenarios (so called Hex-aches) which look hopeless at first, but can be won with just a few precisely planned moves. More information and screenshots on the Neuroshima Hex Puzzle page.

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25 Responses to Neuroshima Hex Puzzle

  1. Kinichikun says:

    Great game! Its like campaign mode for Neuroshima hex and it helps to understand more the functions of each army units. Any plans on updating and include new missions and armies?

  2. TheDukester says:

    Hexplayer, post some examples or back off.

    I guarantee I’ve played more games of NH than you and I can only remember ONE time where I thought a battle didn’t resolve correctly. And I’m not even going to say I’m 100-percent sure about it; more like 95 percent.

    So that’s ONE time in literally hundreds of games.

    Here’s what’s FAR more likely: you don’t know all the rules to the game. Your “broken” battles are probably coming from your misunderstanding of things such as nets and the various modules. I see this all the time with NH players, especially casual ones. They simply don’t know how to play the game.

    I’m anxiously waiting some of your detailed examples …

  3. Łukasz says:

    @Hexplayer, send us bugs you discovered and we’ll try address them. There’s still a few bugs that we didn’t fix, but most of the time it’s the rules that confuse people, so maybe you’re just misinterpreting them.

  4. Hexplayer says:

    Don’t get me wrong Daniel, I think NSH is a great game, kinda reminds me of necromunda which was unfortunately discontinued.
    What I’m saying is the game currently has MASSIVE issues like broken battle resolve algorithms and less significant issues like flaky settings for AI and music.

    Releasing a new app while you still have big issues with current apps will give you a bad reputation quickly in the AppStore world. This is not the (relatively) slow moving world of board games anymore.

  5. Daniel says:


    be cool 🙂

    NSH is one of the best tabletop iPhone ports.

    These guys make an outstanding job, and of course they have to pay their team. I like the NSH-Universe and would embrace new spin-off products.

  6. Hexplayer says:

    You guys should really be fixing the existing product not just working out more ways to line your pockets with spinoffs and iap

  7. MichallusTG says:

    Will there be free promocodes? 😀

  8. molochdivine says:

    Im excited to purchase keep it up guys.

  9. Not a Cylon says:

    Bah!! You’re makin’ it too easy on us 😀

    Looking forward to it!

  10. death wish says:

    how much will the armies cost and when r they gunna be released?

  11. Łukasz says:

    The game isn’t submitted yet. We’re testing the puzzles to check if they all can be solved.

    You just need to wait a bit longer.

  12. dragoncool says:

    I don’t think its submitted yet but i hope so either way we just have to wait:/and i cant wait either i am surprised this time they didn’t hold any contest for Promo Codes or beta testing like the last game i hope to see a video of the Game Play up though i am excited to purchase this game no matter what the price is:]

  13. Not a Cylon says:

    So, is development done yet? Are we just waiting on Apple? (Can’t wait …)

  14. dragoncool says:

    i hope its out by tuesday, is there going to be a video of the gameplay?

  15. Łukasz says:

    @Vuud, GC does not add multiplayer. It may be used for matchmaking only. We’re currently working on additional armies as IAPs and after that we will switch to working on asynchronous multiplayer.

  16. Vuud says:

    I really liked that puzzle contest so I’m very happy about this new puzzle game! Automatic buy for sure. But where is online multiplayer for NH? I thought Game Center would facilitate this, but doesn’t seem so.

  17. dragoncool says:

    thanks for the info i hope its at march 1st because i cant wait any longer xD im so excited just like the first neuroshima game came to IDevices

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  19. Łukasz says:

    Thx for the comments, guys.
    @dragoncool, we haven’t decided yet what the price is gonna be.
    @dpedro, expansions are half way done, we’ll add those, too 🙂

  20. dpedro says:

    meh. how about multiplayer and expansion armies you had promised?

  21. dragoncool says:

    yes!i am very excited i like the features in this app like Universal, Game Center, etc you guys have it down great i cannot wait to purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how much is it going to cost? NEUROSHIMA HEX AND BIG DADDY CREATIONS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!always here to support you guys!

  22. Not a Cylon says:


  23. Krzysztof says:

    Wonderful. Thank you.

  24. TheDukester says:

    If I just send you guys my actual credit card, then we could cut out the middleman — you could just charge me right away for every new release.

    SO looking forward to this! Great work, NH team.

  25. Qayin says:

    Simple three (and half) words: Just can’t wait!

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