Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle available on the AppStore!

Update: Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle contest answers posted.
Update: Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle video review added. Click ‘Read more…’ to watch it!
Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle is now available on the AppStore, so… go and get it 🙂

And to whet your appetite we prepared a promotional video, so you can see how the game looks like.

Contest winners will get their promocodes today! We will also inform those who didn’t make it to the happy 10.

Here’s a short video review od Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle made by Yosz. Check out his YouTube chanel for more reviews!

And the long awaited answers (sent by Robert Payne):

Answer no. 1

Answer no. 1

Answer no. 2

Answer no. 2

Answer no. 3

Answer no. 3

Answer no. 4

Answer no. 4

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41 Responses to Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle available on the AppStore!

  1. Łukasz says:

    Great, Runar 🙂 Congratulations and thanks!

  2. Runar says:

    Finaly! Made 5.7
    Such a pleasure to play this game!

  3. Runar says:

    Great game. Thinking about buying the boardgame caus eof this and Neuroshima Hex! (iOS which I allready have).
    But stuck on 5.7. could you implement a hint service?

  4. Clint says:

    Feature requests!
    Some way of syncing my progress between my iPad and iPhone
    More puzzles!
    New armies?

  5. Bertrand says:

    It could be a good thing to have a pause button during the Battle stage, to explain little by little the battle to children, by ex…


  6. valent says:

    i am some probleme on the 7.8 Behind the lines and i canoot go head!! can somebody help me please.
    i don ‘t understand how win the puzzle.
    thanks very much for your response.

  7. TheDukester says:


    Finished it last night; it was great fun. And I’m hopeful it made me a better NH player.

    As far as new puzzles go … why not? How about packages of puzzles as IAP? Maybe 20 puzzles for 99 cents or something like that?

  8. MichallusTG says:

    Hey, Pancho, b005t3r, they’re already askin’ for more. Guess I’ll have to start working on a new package, then.

  9. Chris from Canada says:

    I finished the game last night. I love it. The last set (“The Real Fun”) was great and imaginative. I even learned something: the rule of the three net fighter paradox.

    Thanks MichallusTG for your hard work on the puzzles!

    Are you guys planning to release more puzzles or expansions? I would gladly pay for more.

  10. MichallusTG says:

    “Nice Nine Inch Nails references”

    Guess Sergeant Pancho didn’t clean all of it up. Oh well.

  11. GL1zdA says:

    Finished yesterday, had a great time, will write a 5 star review tomorrow! Nice Nine Inch Nails references 😉

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