Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle available on the AppStore!

Update: Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle contest answers posted.
Update: Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle video review added. Click ‘Read more…’ to watch it!
Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle is now available on the AppStore, so… go and get it 🙂

And to whet your appetite we prepared a promotional video, so you can see how the game looks like.

Contest winners will get their promocodes today! We will also inform those who didn’t make it to the happy 10.

Here’s a short video review od Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle made by Yosz. Check out his YouTube chanel for more reviews!

And the long awaited answers (sent by Robert Payne):

Answer no. 1

Answer no. 1

Answer no. 2

Answer no. 2

Answer no. 3

Answer no. 3

Answer no. 4

Answer no. 4

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41 Responses to Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle available on the AppStore!

  1. Pancho says:

    In Case of Emergency, Break Glass 🙂

    Thank you Ender.

  2. GL1zdA says:

    OK, I just understood it. Killing him changes the phase when my Net Fighters attack. Nice combo.

  3. It’s just a hint 🙂 NS Hex rules do the rest 🙂

  4. GL1zdA says:

    OK, I thought it was just a hint how to win, not a requirement 😉

  5. Don’t let The Hegemony’s Net Fighter to die 🙂

  6. GL1zdA says:

    What’s happening on 9.2? I simply discard any tile and launch it. After 2nd turn it simply tells me I have lost, but my Net Fighters haven’t even attacked yet. Is there a rule I have forgotten?

  7. TheDukester says:

    Yikes, I thought I was stuck at the infamous 5.7 (mentioned above). But I finally got it last night.

    Best of the puzzles so far. Well, for me, at least. Some people probably had no trouble with it.

  8. Boris says:

    Here is a hint for you: use sniper + oficer that gives you +1 initiative …

  9. dordas says:

    Please help me with 2.9.

    Great game!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Boris says:

    Great add on for Neuroshima fanatics!
    Please add more levels and, what is even more important, add expansions to original game.
    Keep up the gooooooooooood word guys!

    P.S. I’ve finished all 100 of puzzles and would like to report two little bugs:
    1. I’ve finished the game and got all achievements except Gang Wars
    2. When I cluck rate I’m transfered to Apple Store rate page of original Neuroshima

  11. @Tonio, wow – that’s quite quick 🙂
    @Vuud, thanks!

  12. Vuud says:

    Bought it right away when I learned about it. Great game!

  13. Tonio says:


    Bought It on Sunday and finished it yesterday morning. I really hope that new puzzles will be available soon. Just for the record, I love every puzzle as from 2.1. One idea also is to be able to pass the tutorial puzzles. And please add more puzzles. Thanks

    Tonio alias virtuair.

  14. @Adam Milecki and @rhaining, sorry, but we didn’t receive your e-mails…

  15. rhaining says:

    I also didn’t receive word if I’d won or lost. Was my submission received, or was announcement delayed? Also looking forward to seeing the example solutions!

  16. mara says:

    thanks for a tip Endar, but I still ends with 1HP for green or red opponent :/

    my head hurts

    little break and I’ll give one more shot

    it would be cool to be able to play next section only with 9 of 10 levels completed (just an idea)

    also it would be cool to let players make their own hex-aches

  17. GL1zdA says:

    Feature request: ability to mark puzzle as favorite – some are really marvelous.

  18. TheDukester says:

    Wow, 3.10 WAS a tough one! So many times I’d get it to where one of the other factions had 1 HP left … gah! I’d say that one and 2.9 are the best of the “early” puzzles.

    You’ll get it, Mara. No worries

  19. Krzysztof says:

    That was an intense puzzle weekend. Good idea for the puzzle game based on Neuroshima Hex and perfect execution. The best part is that it makes one a better player in classic Neuroshima Hex. Neat, I didn’t suppose that!

    I’m quietly hoping on a small free update in the future. Well… a big and paid one would make me happy even more. But whatever happens, thank you once more for your games.

  20. Ender says:

    mara – move your HQ and don’t use the grenade. I think you can figure everything else from there ;]

  21. mara says:

    Great addition to NS Hex – lots of fresh gameplay – Thanks!

    Although I have a problem – I stucked at 3.10 – can anybody help me?

  22. Evergreen says:

    i let my brain solved it during its sleep, I definitively learn a treacherous trick, hope there is more like this one

  23. GL1zdA says:

    5.7 is solvable. A nice puzzle. Did the first 50 – the other half will have to wait until next weekend. Great mind flexing game. And a good way to improve your NSHex skills.

  24. Evergreen says:

    no way, i try again

  25. Looks possible to me 🙂

  26. Evergreen says:

    Can someone confirm 5.7 Too fast for your own good is POSSIBLE?

  27. Adam Milecki says:

    I never got an email saying whether I won or lost. Did you get my contest entry?

  28. @Kit Keat, thanks! Hope you’ll like it.
    @GL1zdA, let’s see how fast you’ll solve all the puzzles 🙂

  29. GL1zdA says:

    Thanks for the promo code! Can’t wait to start playing 😉

  30. Kit Keat says:

    bought at full price to support developer.. 🙂
    liked the original Neuroshima hex as well.. one of the best boardgames for iOS out there..

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