“I want SALE!” Facebook action started (closed)

Update: MEGA SALE started, so no more voting needed :)

Funny thing happened today – a guy asked us to put Neuroshima Hex on sale, again. It wouldn’t be funny if not for the fact that he even threatened us he’ll dance naked if we won’t do it! :)

Of course, we don’t negotiate with terrorists. But this whole thing gave us an idea. Maybe there are others who can’t live without checking if NS Hex is on sale like 10 times a day? Maybe there are others we may stop from doing nasty things like… well, you know. And, most of all, how many of them are there?

The idea is we started “I want SALE” Facebook action, by posting a note on NeuroshimaHexApp facebook page. If it will receive at least 100 likes, we’ll put Neuroshima Hex on sale. And one person (with the best story) who will dare to tell the world (by posting a comment on Facebook) what’s the funny thing he or she won’t do if we start the sale, will get a promocode to download NS Hex for free :)

So if you’re interested in NS Hex being on sale again, go on and let us know!

  1. JOE215 on Friday 8, 2011

    Any update on how soon we’ll get new armies?

  2. Canada on Friday 8, 2011

    Yeah! I really want IAP’s! you guys said April???

  3. Łukasz Łazarecki on Wednesday 13, 2011

    We’re finishing development of new armies and starting our internal testing this week. So… April sounds plausible :)

  4. Canada on Wednesday 13, 2011

    Great can’t wait! thanks

  5. Canada on Sunday 8, 2011

    Still not out yet?