Neuroshima Hex coming to Android

Almost from the day 1 Neuroshima Hex for iPhone was made available on the AppStore people started asking: “What’s about Android?” Finally, we can answer this question.

We were working on Neuroshima Hex port for Android phones for over a month now. We kept it secret because we weren’t sure how (or if) will it work on slower devices. Currently were using HTC Wildfire for testing and we’re quite happy with the performance. It’s not the fastest phone out there, but it’s NS Hex capable for sure :)

Here’s a few screenshots just to show you what does it look like on the simulator:

Neuroshima Hex for AndroidNeuroshima Hex for AndroidNeuroshima Hex for Android

Two more things to add – minimum OS version required to run NS Hex for Android will be 2.1 and we plan to launch it this year’s summer.

  1. Alfred on Monday 24, 2011

    I have 7″ (800*480px) screen aPad running Android 2.2 (Froyo) that I would gladly test this game on. I’m a great fan of Neuroshima Hex as well!

  2. Szpaku on Tuesday 1, 2011

    I co z tym androidem….

  3. TheFairlaner on Monday 7, 2011

    Have an HTC EVO 4G (top end 1.25 years ago, mid range now). Would love to beta test this.

  4. DoctorYes on Monday 21, 2011

    When will this be released? All I see is summer 2011. At least update your website please…

  5. Axiom on Tuesday 29, 2011

    2011 is soon coming to an end.
    It would be nice to hear how Neuroshima Hex is coming along for Android.
    I own the board game and all the expansions and have been looking forward for the android release for some time now. (Been waiting for it since it was released for iPhone).

    Please give me and all the people out there who are waiting, some comment about the releasedate. So that we have something to look forwad to.

    BR / Axiom

  6. Dynamitard on Friday 9, 2011

    According to roadmap
    “If only releasing a game on the Android Market will be as easy as on the App Store this version should be available for purchase this year.”
    There’s couple of days left till 2012. We’re waiting.

  7. chlebak on Monday 19, 2011

    Witam, czy jakieś nowości odnośnie wydania NH na androida?

  8. Lukasz on Wednesday 21, 2011

    Wszystko ladnie pieknie z tym androidem ale moze najpierw udostepnic do zassania NH z appstora.Narazie wyskakuje informqcja ze gry nie mozna kupic bo jest modyfikowana.Kiedy to bedzie naprawione?

  9. HoTDoG on Monday 2, 2012

    so, 2011 passed away, and there is no news and no answers about NH port coming on android…

  10. death t all on Friday 6, 2012

    Damn this is my favorite game I lost my ipod touch so I got a kindle fire and they don’t have it all

  11. death t all on Friday 6, 2012

    I hope I will be able to sideload it on to my kindle fire

  12. Mastnosis on Thursday 12, 2012

    Pretty delayed game. Any news on what the hold up is. Seems pretty straight forward to port this to Android. I’m super keen to purchase this for my Galaxy S2 or Transformer Prime since I played the board game. (I just ordered the box version and both expansions). I gave my 3GS to my girlfriend so ordering from Apple is out.

  13. Dranozzz on Wednesday 18, 2012

    It seems this ain’t happening.

  14. Psybin on Saturday 28, 2012

    Any sort of update on this would be awesome including whether it’s still be developed for android. I heard there might be a february release (google), that would be amazing. I’m hoping this will support multiple resolutions to be compatible for tablets too. Using the LG optimus tablet and the xperia arc phone.

  15. adam on Saturday 28, 2012

    no i co z tą wersją na androida – podajcie chociaż orientacyjnie miesiąc wydania, bo tak to codziennie człowiek budzi się z myślą – czy to ten dzień, w którym zagram sobie na telefonie w NH

  16. André on Monday 6, 2012

    Waiting for any update on this. Can not be soooo difficult to finish the port. Or did you stop working on it?

  17. SharpDog on Wednesday 14, 2012

    Waiting for Android version.

  18. hotdog on Thursday 15, 2012

    just an answer yes or no would be enough.

  19. Łukasz on Thursday 15, 2012

    We’re waiting for google to allow Polish developers.

  20. James joyce on Sunday 25, 2012

    Hope to see it developed for the Playbook too!

  21. hotdog on Monday 26, 2012

    interesting, when will google allow Polish devs… can’t wait to play it…

  22. Piotr on Thursday 12, 2012

    Witamy polskich deweloperów płatnych aplikacji dla Androida
    | czwartek, kwiecień 12, 2012
    Zakładki: Android


  23. Łukasz on Thursday 12, 2012

    przez to czekanie prawie kupiłem sobie ipada

  24. Shaun on Monday 16, 2012

    Starting today, developers in Czech Republic, Israel, Poland, and Mexico can sell priced applications and in-app products on Google Play, using their local bank accounts for payments.

  25. hotdog on Tuesday 17, 2012

    so, when will the game be published?

  26. hotdog on Sunday 22, 2012

    any news?

  27. the3rdguest on Thursday 26, 2012

    Anything new?

  28. SGS+ on Monday 30, 2012

    Przyłączam się do pytania: kiedy będzie można spodziewać się aplikacji?:)

  29. HoTDoG on Sunday 6, 2012

    i’ts been about a month since Google allowed polish publishers, but you have not published the game yet. WHY???

  30. Axiom on Monday 7, 2012

    Heard Polish Developers are now allowed by Google. Any news about a release for Android?
    BR /A

  31. Fuzhou Chen on Wednesday 9, 2012

    Oh my… this is the greatest news I ever heard!

    I know it’s really rude to ask for ETA, so let’s pray we can get it as a New Year/Christmas gift. (I personally prefer New Year as I’m in China :)

  32. gerardo on Tuesday 15, 2012

    please, I need a mac osx version of Neuroshima Hex! … PLEEEEEASE

    I can´t stop to play it in my iphone, I NEED play it in A FULL RESOLUTION screen.. come on!

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  34. John on Tuesday 22, 2012

    Need a beta tester on a droid X? :D