New armies for Neuroshima Hex – New York and Neojungle

Update: Neuroshima Hex version 1.30 is now available on the App Store. To celebrate the new update we put all our apps on sale! Neuroshima Hex (4.99$ -> 2.99$), Neuroshima Hex Puzzle (2.99$ -> 0.99$) and new armies (0.99$, standard price will be 1.99$)! More info on Big Daddy’s Creations website.

As many of you know the four armies of Neuroshima Hex are not the only one created for this amazing game. Today we’d like to announce two new Armies – New York and Neojungle – will be available soon as an expansion of your favorite Neuroshima Hex for iPhone and iPad.

Both armies are quite unique and totally different. New York’s HQ has an amazing ability which adds additional toughness to every friendly adjacent unit, allowing it to fortify even better and faster than Moloch. And Neojungle is no worse. It starts slowly, having only low initiative units, but with every tile added it grows stronger and faster as every connected module adds bonuses to every unit in it’s Motherland. And that’s not all. Let me just mention totally unique units like the Rocket Launcher – equipped with a… rocket launcher, Nightshade – poisoning attacked units or the Sharpshooter – picking any target on it’s line of fire. This and much more will be available soon with the next Neuroshima Hex update (sent to Apple for approval last week).

Detailed description of every army can be found on Board Game Geek website.

Every new army will be available as an in-app purchase for a promotional price of 0.99$ on the day app gets approved.

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68 Responses to New armies for Neuroshima Hex – New York and Neojungle

  1. B.Boss says:

    “No products available “

  2. rahme says:

    Hey i have a problem, whenever i try on my iphone to purchase the expansion it gives me an error “no products available”, so in the game when i click on
    “tap to buy new expansion” a loading circle will appear above processing and the Error that said products not available~~!

  3. Gry says:

    Wow it is very nice game:) Great job men

  4. Richard M. Low says:

    Great job on Neuroshima Hex so far!! I’m looking forward to even more additional armies…any approximate date!?

    Keep up the great work. =)


  5. Patrick says:

    Sorry, I see now that the hope for more armies was addressed earlier. I’d love specifics anyway 🙂

  6. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to 1.31! Are there plans to include the other three armies that are out there, or at least the two from Duel? I want more!

  7. gracz says:

    Cool! I was waiting for this update 🙂

  8. Pancho says:

    Sorry for delay in reply. We fixed the most of bugs and soon it will be update to 1.31. 3 battle tokens are not too often situation, it is random. It seems us from psychologic point of view that it is too often, but a chance for it isn’t so quite small.

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