Roadmap for 2011 – 2012

I think many of you may be interested in our future plans for this and next year. If so, you can read more about is on Small tip – Neuroshima Hex multiplayer update is coming in December.

  1. Ender on Tuesday 20, 2011

    Multiplayer Neuroshima Hex for iOS and an app for Android – awesome, can’t wait!

  2. Marc on Wednesday 21, 2011

    The last spring it was said that the Android version of Neuroshima Hex! would be launched this summer… and this summer is reaching its end :P .
    Any news about it?

  3. dpedro on Wednesday 28, 2011

    it was told upon first release, that multiplayer would be soon. back then it would be big stuff. and now? meh, whatever

  4. gamov on Friday 7, 2011


  5. Destruktou on Monday 10, 2011

    Don’t you have access to a bigger map with the board game?

  6. RL on Friday 14, 2011



  7. Chris on Tuesday 18, 2011

    Hi. I want to add some things that maybe can help ypu for the multiplayer mode. First, I think the best – until now – environment for such a game is this at Samurai App: ELO rating system, creation game mode with time limits per move, one can also pick up oppenent.
    Second, the ELO rating mode is absolutely necessary because there is always the fight for the top…
    Third, very helpful will be at the stats page if someon can see the tiles that has been used and also all the available tiles which remain (according to his army). This will be even better if one can see also the same stats for his opponent. This way someone can plan forward.
    Please, be very careful because we – FANS of NEUROSHIMA HEX -dont want to see a mutiplayer arena without players eager to fight inside (Note that this thing happend for RA and Through the Dessert and also at HIve Apps, just to name some…).

  8. Mulperi on Friday 21, 2011

    Can’t wait for multiplayer mode!
    Also I am eagerly waiting for new “maps”.

  9. Ad on Tuesday 6, 2011

    Hey guys, is multiplayer still due for release this month?

  10. Ad on Tuesday 6, 2011

    p.s your forum commentformattng has an error, so it displays just day & date but no month – so it’s impossible to see how old/new the comments are ;-)

  11. seth on Friday 9, 2011

    Finally! A dream come true: Online Multiplayer! Now the Duel extension is my next one…

  12. Bigfan on Sunday 15, 2012

    I really want the last two tile-decks from the real game….duals? It’s vegas and one more… Will they ever be implemented?