We recently discovered that due to a bug in Apple’s Game Center example code our games crash on devices upgraded to iOS 5 with Game Center enabled.

An upgrade fixing this problem is already on its way to Apple, but it will surely take few day to get approved. But there also is a temporal solution to play Neuroshima Hex & Neuroshima Hex Puzzle while waiting for the update:

1. Launch Game Center app.

2. Log out from Game Center.

3. Launch NSHex or NSHexPuzzle

You won’t be able to earn any new achievement or leaderboards points, but except from that both games should work just fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and support!

  1. TheDukester on Sunday 16, 2011

    Doesn’t work.

    Game crashes EVERY time.

    I’ve tried the steps above, done a soft reset, a hard reset, and just about anything else I could think of. And it still crashes EVERY time.

    This is incredibly disappointing. I would hope an emergency patch is being sent to Apple NOW.

  2. Łukasz Łazarecki on Sunday 16, 2011

    Could you also try killing NSHex if its sitting in the background and then logging out?

  3. Kelly on Tuesday 18, 2011

    Worked for me! Yay!

    Perhaps also re-state that he/she should not re-log into his game center account after the game launches? :)

  4. RL on Thursday 20, 2011

    This temporary fix seems to work on my phone. Thanks!


  5. Curt on Friday 21, 2011

    This solved the problem. Looking forward to the official fix next!

  6. Josh on Saturday 22, 2011

    Hmm… the ios 5 fix is out, but after applying it I have lost both of the expansion armies. Has this happened to others?

  7. Łukasz on Tuesday 25, 2011

    @John, you just need to re-download the armies. Tap every army you want to re-download as you would buy them – the system popup should appear saying you’ve already paid for it and it will be downloaded for free.

  8. Łukasz on Tuesday 25, 2011

    @Josh, not John, of course :)

  9. lurk on Wednesday 26, 2011

    My game can’t be loaded since 5 days ago! Im not even on ios5…Help!

  10. Łukasz on Wednesday 26, 2011

    @lurk, write an e-mail describing your problems and send it to: bcd@bigdaddyscreations.com. We will try to help.

  11. lurk on Wednesday 26, 2011

    Thanks Lukas. I’ve just send it.

  12. Brian on Sunday 20, 2011

    I’m having crashing problems on iPod 4.2.1. Logging out of game center does not fix the problem. I sent an email with screenshots.

  13. Edward on Monday 12, 2011

    Hi all.
    I want to start with saying that I love this. Fun, fast and frustrating;)
    However the problem I have is that when I upgraded my phone from a iPhone 3GS to a iPhone 4S I no longer have the extra armies that I bought. Do you guys have the same problem?

  14. Edward on Monday 12, 2011

    Opps, just read answer above and it works. Just tap and it will state already purchased and will install. Thx and sorry to bother you. Great game! Love it.

  15. PissOff on Wednesday 29, 2012

    Pathetic. can barely play the game with the amount it crashed and f**** up my current game but now i cant even add points to my score. its a fun game but boring as all hell if you have nothing to work for. Pathetic.