Army of Frogs HD free for a day, everything else cheaper!

Anyone interested in saving few bucks? Read on to know how.

Well, it’s pretty simple really – just log in to AppStore tomorrow (2/16/2012, Thursday) and download the following titles:

It’s simple math – you can save up to $11! Don’t know what this titles are – check our products section. All prices will stay that low until the end of the week and Army of Frogs HD will be available for download for FREE only on Thursday. Don’t miss this opportunity!

IMPORTANT: If you already have Army of Frogs for iPhone or iPod Touch you should definitely get the HD version – it’s an Universal app, so it will work on your device. Army of Frogs HD now supports Push Notifications in online games, which is one good reason to get it. Another one is we will discontinue supporting the non-HD version and will remove it from AppStore in few days.

  1. Adam on Wednesday 15, 2012

    Awesome news. Definitely going to get the expansion armies for N. Hex. Can’t wait for online multiplayer!

  2. Nick on Wednesday 15, 2012

    Yes, yes and yes!

  3. User on Thursday 16, 2012

    I could not buy Neuroshima Hex Puzzle throughout the day and I want to take advantage of the oferr :(

  4. Łukasz on Thursday 16, 2012

    Why couldn’t you?

  5. User on Thursday 16, 2012

    Every time I tried my iPad showed this error: “This item is currently being modified. Please try again later”