Are you curious who’s behind all of this?

Two entities are responsible for the Neuroshima Hex for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Portal Publishing and Big Daddy’s Creations. When these two have met an amazing thing has happened – they took all of the small pieces from Neuroshima Hex board game and managed to put it into a device not bigger than the palm of a hand. So now you can play it any place and any time you like.

Big Daddy’s Creations

BDC is the creator of Neuroshima Hex for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Two OOP experts whith over 15 years of experience between them make up this company.

Marek Pańczyk

Former editor-in-chief of the Świat Gier Planszowych, a Polish paper magazine about board games. Founder of – the oldest Polish board games blog and Planszostacja – first Polish podcast about board games. Experienced in C++,C#, Java and Objective-C languages. Games, desktop applications and software for embedded devices developer.

Łukasz Łazarecki

Experienced in Java, C++, C# and Objective-C programmer. Object Oriented Programming is the only way of thinking he knows and he feels good about it. Creator of software for almost all possible devices – mobile phones, specialized embedded devices, STBs, PCs. Now he wants to add the iPhone to this list.

Portal Publishing

Portal Publishing was founded in Gliwice, Poland in 1999. The company has published many Role Playing Games, Card Games and Board Games. Most of the products were published only in Poland but some of them were also translated into English and introduced to international audience.

Portal was Dice Tower Best Small Publisher 2007 nominee.

Contact information

Big Daddy’s Creations (

If you are a game designer or a publisher looking for someone to help you create one of your games for the iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad you may have just come to the right place. Big Daddy’s Creations is interested in cooperation with publishers and game designers! Send us an e-mail and we’ll be more than happy to help. We can provide all you need to have your game published on the App Store before you can say ‘Blueberry pie’. Well… maybe not that fast, but pretty fast.

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