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Neuroshima Hex v3.0 and HD update for Android

It’s been nearly five years since we first released Neuroshima Hex and the game’s look did not really change that much over time, so we decided to do something about it. OK, to be completely honest with you, it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Neuroshima Hex in Humble Mobile Bundle 9

I’ve got some great news for those of you who still do not have Neuroshima Hex installed on their Android devices – you can now get it for… well, for whatever you want! Neuroshima Hex is currently available as a … Continue reading

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Stayed in Mississippi a day too long

If you haven’t figured that out already, this is not one of these websites which get updated on a daily basis. To be honest, if you dig deeper you’ll see this is the first post I’m writing this year (!), … Continue reading

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DDM, Sharrash and Dancer available!

Update: The Outpost is currently broken. Please don’t use it until the next update (which is going to be sent today). Also if you’re using an older device with iOS5, you may have experienced IAPs problems. These will also be … Continue reading

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Neuroshima Hex for Kindle Fire available

Good news, everyone! Neuroshima Hex for Kindle Fire tablets is now available! Follow this link to access it directly on the Amazon App Store. The biggest difference between this and Google Play edition is the UI. Here the UI is … Continue reading

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