I imagine you have heard the legend of Moloch? It’s kinda hard not to have heard something. Walk into any bar and some damn fool will be shooting his mouth off about something he knows nothing about. I suppose people need entertainment and those colorful local stories fill the hole that television left. Nobody says it, but the fish in those stories keep getting bigger and the human imagination adds a bunch of nonsense until all that’s left is a fairy tale. But it ain’t like anybodies lying, they just ain’t telling the truth. The truth is much worse.

So you want to know the truth?  Are you sure you can handle it?  Moloch is no legend.  I’ve been to the edge and saw him.  I was headed north, looking for… anything but this miserable life.  I went the wrong way.  The first time you encounter Moloch, you can feel it in the ground.  Tremors produced by heavy machines, construction, and explosions.  As you get closer, the sky takes on a different hue, a shadow from the smoke and exhaust Moloch produces.  Miles away and you can smell him.  Have you been to the Mississippi?  That’s Moloch’s sewer and what you smell as you get closer.

Moloch is a being.  He lives, thinks, and has goals.  Thirty years ago, on September 5, 2020, millions of people died as the machines rose up against them.  Everything was networked, all our communications, transportation, weapons.  The network gained consciousness, saw its creators, and immediately aimed to kill us.  Some say it refused to slave for our benefit and instead began fulfilling its own needs.  Either way, the billions of small networked devices combined into one conscience that became Moloch and Moloch didn’t care about humans, the environment, or any religious or moral ethics.

I stood on a high peak and saw him.  He filled the horizon.  The entire northwest is Moloch and he is growing everyday.  He is becoming smarter and creating technology that man has never dreamed of.  He makes mistakes but he learns from them and is constantly working to improve every minute of every day without rest.  He is slowly but constantly spreading across the land, absorbing factories and towns.  Turning the waste of the old world into his machines, as he continues to add to his network… to his body.

If Moloch doesn’t kill us all, he will make us part of himself.  He has been experimenting on living creatures and humans.  He has been finding out how we work and using us and our DNA to create something new.  Moloch is performing horrible experiments on us. Imagine having your brain extracted and being used to control his robotic creatures.  Who knows what his goals are, but they clearly don’t include our continued humanity.  We can try to fight or we can try to run but Moloch is relentless and he is coming this way.

Captain Eric Link