iOS 5 problems

We recently discovered that due to a bug in Apple’s Game Center example code our games crash on devices upgraded to iOS 5 with Game Center enabled.

An upgrade fixing this problem is already on its way to Apple, but it will surely take few day to get approved. But there also is a temporal solution to play Neuroshima Hex & Neuroshima Hex Puzzle while waiting for the update:

1. Launch Game Center app.

2. Log out from Game Center.

3. Launch NSHex or NSHexPuzzle

You won’t be able to earn any new achievement or leaderboards points, but except from that both games should work just fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and support!

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Roadmap for 2011 – 2012

I think many of you may be interested in our future plans for this and next year. If so, you can read more about is on Small tip – Neuroshima Hex multiplayer update is coming in December.

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Version 1.31 ‘From love to reliability’ is out

New version of Neuroshima Hex is available.

Added features:
– iPod music after using multitasking
– store banner appears only if anything is available to buy

Fixed bugs:
– frequent crashes
– problems with Pusher
– picking up Roots by Move
– Roots placed on units after Undo
– possibility to put Mine/Roots on Mine/Roots when board is full
– problems with Spy and between Spy and Scoper
– lack of score and HQ kills for Venom
– Neojungle used to gain bonuses from enemy’s modules
– modules used to provide bonuses to Motherland if connected only to Roots
– castling between our and an enemy unit
– added missing Gamma module to Neojungle
– Sharpshooter and Rocket Launcher sometimes didn’t shoot
– blocked buttons after canceling Battle when board was full
– hand view was disabled after canceling Battle when board was full
– small tweaks in AI (AI placed a module directed to an enemy’s Spy, improved Medic and Transport tactics)
– some problems in Game Center’s area
– spelling errors in Manual, Army library and Achievement’s descriptions

This version is compatible only with iOS 4.3, so if you have older version of iOS don’t download this. Version compatible with iOS 3.1.3 was sent for Apple approval. It will be available for download in a week or so. Sorry for inconvenience.

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Army of Frogs hits the App Store July 22, 2011

And now for something completely different…

I bet many of you who have bought Neuroshima Hex has this ‘I can’t play on my iPhone/iPad with my girlfriend/wife/mother-in-law problem’. Well, not anymore! And here’s why – we’re releasing a new game that you and your girlfriends/wives/mothers-in-law will simply fall in love with! This new game is Army of Frogs and here’s what it looks like:

Interested? So before directing you to read more about it, let me just add it will have Pass&Play local multiplayer, 6 AI opponents, an asynchronous online multiplayer and will cost you just $1.99 for iPhone/iPod Touch version and $4.99 for an universal version. More about it here

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New armies for Neuroshima Hex – New York and Neojungle

Update: Neuroshima Hex version 1.30 is now available on the App Store. To celebrate the new update we put all our apps on sale! Neuroshima Hex (4.99$ -> 2.99$), Neuroshima Hex Puzzle (2.99$ -> 0.99$) and new armies (0.99$, standard price will be 1.99$)! More info on Big Daddy’s Creations website.

As many of you know the four armies of Neuroshima Hex are not the only one created for this amazing game. Today we’d like to announce two new Armies – New York and Neojungle – will be available soon as an expansion of your favorite Neuroshima Hex for iPhone and iPad.

Both armies are quite unique and totally different. New York’s HQ has an amazing ability which adds additional toughness to every friendly adjacent unit, allowing it to fortify even better and faster than Moloch. And Neojungle is no worse. It starts slowly, having only low initiative units, but with every tile added it grows stronger and faster as every connected module adds bonuses to every unit in it’s Motherland. And that’s not all. Let me just mention totally unique units like the Rocket Launcher – equipped with a… rocket launcher, Nightshade – poisoning attacked units or the Sharpshooter – picking any target on it’s line of fire. This and much more will be available soon with the next Neuroshima Hex update (sent to Apple for approval last week).

Detailed description of every army can be found on Board Game Geek website.

Every new army will be available as an in-app purchase for a promotional price of 0.99$ on the day app gets approved.

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